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  • It's All Greek To Me... Two Greek Alphabets!

    Calling all Greek Alphabet lovers...

    We have TWO stunning applique sets featuring the Greek Alphabet! We are going to keep this short and sweet, because we are sure you'll want to get started with these right away for all of your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers!

    athletic-four-letters / Greek Alphabet

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  • Christmas Embellishments (Monograms & Frames)

    We love Christmas Embellishments...

    two-letters / Christmas EmbellishmentTwo quick facts about Christmas Embroidery:

    Fact #1: Christmas Monograms are too fun not to share.

    Fact #2: Christmas Monogram Frames are too fun not to share.

    Bonus Fact: This blog will be sharing two sets:  Christmas Wreath Embossed Monogram and Christmas Monogram Frames Applique

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  • Stuffed Animal Applique Quilt Blocks

    Featured Set: Stuffed Animal Applique Quilt Blocks

    four-animals / Animal Applique Quilt Blocks
    Weare featuring  this seriously adorable set of stuffed animal applique quilt blocks. You can use this set just for the Designs By JuJu exclusive appliques, but they also come with the precious heart stipple backgrounds option too! We decided to make the stippled background after months of our tester, Margie asking for another quilt set. If you have never made a stippled quilt before but want to try, check out our Applique Stipple Background Tutorial.

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  • A Christmas Hat for Your Alphabet...

    Christmas Hat Applique Alphabets

    designs-by-juju / Santa Christmas Hat
    It's the most wonderful time of the year! So we decided to feature some fun applique alphabet sets with a Christmas Hat (or antlers) on each letter! We have an Elf Hat Applique Alphabet, a Santa Hat Applique Alphabet, and a Reindeer Applique Alphabet available for download on our site!

    Here is a glimpse at each of the designs...

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  • Some Embossed Alphabets

    Quatrefoil & Hexagon Embossed Monograms

    Monograms and Embossed Alphabets can make an elegant addition to many different gifts and projects. We want to feature two exciting Design By JuJu Exclusive embossed alphabet designs, but before we begin...

    Some Info on Embossed Designs

    two-letters / Embossed AlphabetsEmbossed embroidery is a lovely three-dimensional technique that leaves some areas of the design open and raised when stitched on fabrics that have a nap such as towels or fleece. The rest of the design flattens down the napped fabric. Try stitching this type of embroidery design on a robe, or a set of towels for your bath or kitchen . PDF instructions on how to use embossed monogram is included with both sets.

    If you like the embossed look, check out our: Embossed Frame Monogram Alphabet , Elegant Christmas Embossed MonogramElegant Oval Frame Embossed AlphabetChristmas Wreath Embossed Monogram or our best selling Preppy Embossed Monogram AlphabetPumpkin Embossed Monogram Alphabet, and Chic Embossed Monogram Alphabet!

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  • Applique Stipple Background Tutorial

    Stipple Background Tutorial 13Welcome! In this tutorial, we would like to show you our process for stitching out the applique designs that have a stipple background for you to make quilt blocks! The process is very simple. In this tutorial, we are using our newest quilt blocks from our Stuffed Animals Applique collection. The process is the same for our Valentine Heart Peekers, Cute Umbrella Critters Stick Zoo Applique, and Monster Party Applique Alphabet.

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  • North Pole Village Colorwork Project Inspiration

    North Pole Village Colorwork Project

    If you haven't seen our blog post on North Pole Village Customer Projects featuring the filled and applique sets you can find it HERE. This post will focus specifically on projects that customers sent us using our four North Pole Village Colorwork Sets. Continue reading

  • Advent Calendar: Countdown To Christmas

    Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Customer Projects

    Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar
    Having an Advent Calendar is a great family activity. A Countdown to Christmas has 25 pockets with 25 unique ornaments. Each day in December leading up to Christmas, your child takes an ornament out of the pocket and buttons it onto the Christmas tree in the middle of the display. By Christmas Day, your tree will be completely decorated! (Note: Kiddos also love when there are extra surprises in each pocket! wink wink)

    Our advent calendar design set comes with TWO different sizes so you can make different sized calendars.

    This design set includes:
    - "In the hoop" ornament & star designs (w/ button holes)
    - Pocket designs
    - PDF e-pattern for Christmas Tree
    - A step-by-step tutorial for constructing your calendar

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  • Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Turkey Applique Alphabet / Thanksgiving Inspiration Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means it's almost time for food, family and football! Here is a blog post if you need any Thanksgiving Inspiration to get some festive projects done in time for the holiday!

    We are showing off some fun customer projects using several different sets...

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  • North Pole Village Customer Projects

    Did you know... We have over 15 different North Pole Village design sets! There are filled sets, applique sets, and colorwork sets. You should make sure to check them all out for Designs By JuJu exclusive designs!

    For this post, we will look at some beautiful filled and applique North Pole Village customer projects that have been sent to us. We hope these photos will inspire you for your next batch of Christmas projects...

    Christmas Decorations

    Project By Jean Conklin

    Project By: Jean Conklin

    This project is such a clever use of these designs! Jean made an easily transportable mat (with handles) featuring the North Pole Village. She used the applique style of these designs.

    Hi thought you might enjoy seeing how I used your design to make a Frozen travel mat using the North Village! They go great with that theme! ~Jean

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