• Tic Tac Toe - Embroidered Cupcake Pillow Tutorial!

    qc-pillow / Tic Tac Toe Tutorial

    How To: Quilted and Embroidered Tic Tac Toe Cupcake Pillow

    By Kim Hanson

    Red and aqua with a dash of lime swirl together to make this sweet pillow a delightful project to welcome spring. Love and creativity blossom as you adorn your pillow with machine appliquéd cupcakes, embroidery embellishment and yo-yo’s disguised as “puff cakes”.

    Julie and I are excited to show you how to make a Love  pillow, which I call Tic Tac Toe … so here we go!

    Please be sure and read through all the instructions prior to commencing. It will make the project much easier for you.

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