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  • Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Turkey Applique Alphabet / Thanksgiving Inspiration Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means it's almost time for food, family and football! Here is a blog post if you need any Thanksgiving Inspiration to get some festive projects done in time for the holiday!

    We are showing off some fun customer projects using several different sets...

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Jacki Tindall

    Customer Project: Jacki Tindall / Thanksgiving InspirationWe are thankful for adorable Thanksgiving outfits!

    This precious shirt is using a turkey design that can be found in our Harvest Patchwork Applique design set!

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project - Charleen Gribben (Instagram User @CGRIBBEN)

    Charleen Gribben / Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Do you want your house to feel more like Thanksgiving?

    You can make a wall hanging like Charleen did using our Jumbo Harvest Applique Sampler design set!

    Charlene did a great job with this quilted decoration, we love it!

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Dorothy Mullen

    Project By: Dorothy Mullen Lomax - Thanksgiving InsnpirationWhat better way is there to decorate than making some cute Thanksgiving towels? These colors really pop and the different designs are too fun.

    The scarecrows Dorothy used are from the Designs By JuJu exclusive designs in Scarecrows Applique. The pumpkin and turkey designs can be found in our Jumbo Harvest Applique Sampler.

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Mary Jo Munsey-Tyree

    Customer Project: Mary Tyree / Thanksgiving Inspiration

    This towel is WAY too cute!! And Mary showed us how you can make this project too...

    Directions (from Mary)

    *Stitch out the appliqué as usual--OTHER THAN--When stitching the turkey beak, STOP the stitching when beak is finished. Advance to the next color. This disallows the feet to be stitched.

    *Cut 2--2" by 6" pieces for legs (or the length of finished legs plus 1/2" for seam allowance.). Seam them up with 1/4" seam, backstitching on both ends to secure. Stuff them lightly with fiberfill, using your favorite method. Stitch up each end with a narrow zigzag stitch.

    *Make a freehand pattern of the turkey feet. Mine are about 1.5". Using this pattern, cut 4 turkey feet using craft felt. Run a stitch down the middle of each "toe", for dimension, leaving 1/4" open at the beginning and end of each row. Using a glue gun (or other), attach the legs to the feet by separating the top layers of the feet and inserting the end of the leg, and glueing. The "feathers" on the feet are fake fur. I cut 2 strips the circumference of the legs + 1/4" seam allowance, and a scant 1/2" wide, being careful NOT to cut the fur...only the backing. Seam them and attach as you would a ring to a finger.

    *Using a sewing machine and thread color of the body of the appliqué, tack the legs in position with a STRAIGHT STITCH STITCH. Trim closely to stitching. Then reset to a wide and dense SATIN STITCH (4.5 and 0.5. ). Re-stitch over straight stitch, AND original appliqué satin stitch.

    FYI: This is a very easy project. Your directions are great. As a matter of fact, this is the very first appliqué ...BUT NOT THE LAST! So much fun!

    Mary Tyree

    PS. To clarify the feet. Sandwich 2 together before top stitching the dimension lines.

    Looking for more Thanksgiving Inspiration? Check out Kim Hanson's tutorial on how to make a Scarecrow Applique Wreath!

    Already thinking about Christmas?  Check out our Christmas Inspiration blog post!

    Now It's Your Turn!

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    Happy Stitching!

    See all our Thanksgiving design sets for your Thanksgiving Inspiration!

  • North Pole Village Customer Projects

    Did you know... We have over 15 different North Pole Village design sets! There are filled sets, applique sets, and colorwork sets. You should make sure to check them all out for Designs By JuJu exclusive designs!

    For this post, we will look at some beautiful filled and applique North Pole Village customer projects that have been sent to us. We hope these photos will inspire you for your next batch of Christmas projects...

    Christmas Decorations

    Project By Jean Conklin

    Project By: Jean Conklin

    This project is such a clever use of these designs! Jean made an easily transportable mat (with handles) featuring the North Pole Village. She used the applique style of these designs.

    Hi thought you might enjoy seeing how I used your design to make a Frozen travel mat using the North Village! They go great with that theme! ~Jean

    Project: Sandy Radtke / North Pole Village Customer Project

    Project By: Sandy Radtke

    Sandy decorated her tree skirt and table runner with these fun designs! As you can see, she used the filled version of these designs and they stitched out perfectly!

    Great job, Sandy!


    Teri Edwards Olson / North Pole Village Customer Project

    Project By: Teri Edwards Olson

    This design also looks amazing on quilts. Just look at Teri's beautiful handiwork!

    I also won a first place Judge's Choice for a Christmas Quilt Blue ribbon in the Minnesota State Fair using Juju Design's Santa's Village. Thank you for making such beautiful designs! ~

    Barbara Walton / North Pole Village Customer Project

    Project By: Barbara Walton

    Here is another type of quilt using the North Pole Village designs...

    My latest rag quilt I just completed on my craft holiday, I used Northpole Villages Applique sets 1-4 and thoroughly enjoyed every stitch.
    I think there will be several more made by my crafty friends and by myself also. ~Barbara

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

    View all the North Pole Village Series here.

  • Damask Christmas Customer Projects

    Damask Christmas Customer Project Spotlights
    We are writing today to spotlight some Damask Christmas customer projects.

    Damask Christmas is a Designs By JuJu exclusive!  When you download Damask Christmas you will receive each design in FOUR sizes (4x4 5x7 6x10 and 8x8).

    These 15 stunning designs are perfect for any last minute hostess gift.  From napkins to stockings, this design will turn out beautifully on every project!

    Project By: Elizabeth Taylor Shotwell

    Customer Project: Elizabeth Taylor Shotwell / Damask Christmas Customer Project

    Project By: Jessica Hanley Johnson

    Customer Project By: Jessica Hanley Johnson / Damask Christmas Customer Project

    Project By: Lisa Dangler

    Customer Project By: Lisa Dangler / Damask Christmas Customer Project

    Project By: Sarah De Viney Baxter

    Customer Project By: Sarah De Viney Baxter / Christmas Damask Customer Project

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing all of your finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in by emailing:

  • Project Inspiration: Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Customer Projects Showcase - Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Calling all quilters, aspiring quilters, and everybody who loves elephants... This blog post is for you!! We compiled some of the cutest Roly Poly Elephants quilts that customers shared with us, and now we just HAVE to share them with all of you.

    Customer Project By Devika Wignarajah / Roly Poly Elephants quilts

    Project By: Devika Wignarajah

    The craftsmanship in this quilt by Devika Wignarajah is just beautiful.

    This quilt would look adorable in any nursery or children's room. In all honesty, we'd even like it in an adult's room too!

    Customer Project By: Terri Dawes / Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Project By: Terri Dawes

    This heartfelt message from Terri Dawes made our day. We LOVE seeing the beautiful projects people create, and it is so encouraging for us to hear all the different ways people are using our designs!

    Hi! I'm new to Embroidery. I purchased my first design from you. My husband's boss is having their first baby and it's a girl. His mother used to quilt but she passed before her first grandchild was born. I wanted to make something special for him; I wanted baby elephants and your set was perfect! ... I had such fun stitching out these precious elephants! Thanks for such great quality and helping to provide a nice memory. The picture doesn't do it justice. Thanks again!!

    Customer Project By Pauline Granstrom / Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Project By: Pauline Granstrom

    Lastly, we would like to share this customer feedback and the beautiful quilt made by Pauline Granstrom.

    I was a bit apprehensive when my Grand Girl asked for a quilt in gray, pink and yellow. When I saw the elephants I knew just what to do and all that silly ole’ apprehension went away.
    Thanks so much for your beautiful designs.

    We love that Pauline was able to feature all 12 adorable designs in this project for her granddaughter!!


    There are so many different ways we have seen this design used, but we just love quilts so much and had to share a few of the best with all of you. Thanks so much for reading!

    To submit photos of the projects you've been working on, please email:

    Find the Roly Poly Elephants Applique set here.

  • Sock Monkey Alphabet Quilts

    Made By Margie - Sock Monkey Alphabet QuiltsLearn About the Sock Monkey Alphabet Quilts & Applique Set

    Hello Embroidery Friends! Today we are here to bring you some customer projects featuring our fun Alphabet Sock Monkeys. This design comes in 4 different sizes (sold separately) and each design set comes with a "boy" and "girl" monkey for each letter! You can get this set in 4x4 , 5x7, or Jumbo (with 6x10 and 8x8 in the same set.)

    If you are new to applique embroidery but think this design set is too cute not to use, you can look at a tutorial HERE to learn how to stitch this set out!

    Customer Project: Elisabeth Jean / Sock Monkey Alphabet Quilts

    Customer Project By: Elisabeth Jean

    This quilt was made using the "boy monkey" design for a young boy with a congenital heart issue. The story behind this quilt will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our prayers go out to families in similar situations. You can read the story of the brave little boy this quilt was made for HERE.

    Customer Project: Theresa Stratton Litterell - Sock Monkey Alphabet Quilts

    Customer Project By: Theresa Stratton Litterell

    Look at how Theresa used the letters to spell out a name! This is another adorable way to use this set. Theresa used this design as a beautiful accent on this quilt...

    "I made a quilt for my grand daughter for this coming Christmas. She loves the sock monkeys." ~Theresa 

    Customer Project: Donna Glodo-Dalton - Sock Monkey Number Qulit

    Birthday Sock Monkey Numbers

    Customer Project By: Donna Glodo-Dalton

    We wanted to make sure we let you know that we sell a set of Numbers Sock Monkeys too! You can download this design as an Applique or Filled set. There is one monkey wearing a party hat for each numeral!

    Here's a photo that Donna Glodo-Dalton shared with us of a quilt she made using multiple design sets including our Sock Monkey Alphabet Applique, our Birthday Sock Monkey Numbers Applique, and several other Sock Monkey Sets.

    "I made this for my granddaughter and wanted to share it! Love the sock monkey designs!" ~Donna

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

    Sock Monkey Alphabet Quilts

  • Christmas Inspiration

     With all the decorations and gifts to get done for Christmas, we thought you might need some Christmas Inspiration... So here are some great customer photos we wanted to share!

    Customer Project by: Sue Meihofer Lemay / Christmas Inspiration

    Homemade Ornaments

    This idea from Sue Meihofer LeMay is adorable! She made these ornaments for her grandkids using  designs from our Whimsical Christmas design set.

    You could make monogrammed ornaments for a less whimsical look...

    Countdown to Christmas / Christmas Inspiration

    Advent Calendar

    Did you know we have our very own Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar design? It comes with "in the hoop" ornament designs along with a star, pocket designs, PDF e-pattern for Christmas tree, and a complete, full-color step by step photo tutorial for making and constructing your Advent Calendar!

    This is a must-have at Christmastime, but make sure you leave yourself enough time to finish the project before December 1st! 

    Here is a picture of Julie’s daughter setting it up for the season!

    Customer Project By: Maria Willback DElia / Christmas Inspiration


    What better way is there to differentiate your family’s stockings? Adding a beautiful monogram!

    Maria Willback D'Elia made these stockings and chose to embellish them with our Fancy Block Monogram!

    Send Us Your Projects!

    We have so many more Christmas Designs and projects you can work on!! For some more inspiration, you can visit our Christmas Pinterest Board

    To submit photos for our showcase, please

    Happy Stitching!

  • Circle Script Monogram

    We will keep this post short and sweet, because we KNOW you'll want to rush to your machine to start playing with this new Circle Script Monogram!

    Circle Script Monogram GIF

    About this Monogram
    This beautiful monogram is a 3 letter circular script. When the left, middle, and right letters are combined, they will form a circular shape.

    On Machine - Circle Script Monogram


    This font also includes BX format to be used with Embrilliance software as a keyboard font.

    **Note** The letters in this design are individual stitch files. You must have embroidery editing software to merge your letters to form words, names & monograms.

    towel - circle script monogram

    Finished Projects

    This adorable towel is for Emily, Juju's little girl. You can use this circle script monogram on all your different monogram frames! The frame in this photo is from our Simply Frames Applique design set. (You will also want to check out our Monogram Frames Applique set)

    We know you will come up with adorable projects using this set! When you do, submit photos for our showcase, by emailing:

  • New Christmas Word Art!

    We love Christmas! The cookies, the carols, the decorations & sparkles all come together to make magic. To celebrate the season, we released 2 new Christmas Word Art design sets!

    New Christmas Word Art

    On Machine - New Christmas Word Art Set 4

    Christmas Word Art Set 3 and Set 4

    There is a design for every Christmas-lover from the resident "cookie tester" to the traditional "Jingle Bells" lover! We can't wait to show you some of the projects we made with these sets...

    Shirts / Gifts
    JuJu's nieces are pretty fancy little girls, so she HAD to use these adorable designs to make them personalized shirts for Christmas. These two new Christmas Word Art sets have several designs perfect for the snazzy little girls in your life!

    Sparkle Shirt - New Christmas Word Art Set 4

    Pink Christmas - New Christmas Word Art Set 3

    These sets are also great for sprucing up towels! (But let's be honest, what set doesn't look great on towels??) JuJu made a few Christmas-themed hand towels for her bathroom. Here are the finished projects...

    Hand Towel - New Christmas Word Art Set 4

    Mistletoe - New Christmas Word Art Set 3

    Cookie Tester - New Christmas Word Art set 3

    Making and exchanging Christmas cookies is a tradition in so many families, we decided to share this adorable design with you all! (Since we know every family has a cookie maker & a cookie tester...)

    Buddy - New Christmas Word Art Set 4

    Buddy the Elf!
    This design set is too fun not to share! We agree with Buddy that "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear." We hope your Christmas season involves a lot of cookies and a lot of singing! Merry Christmas!

    We can’t wait to see all the beautiful projects you share with us. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

  • How To: Scarecrow Fabric Wreath

    Scarecrow Fabric Wreath

    Using Designs by JuJu’s Whimsical Scarecrow Applique

    Scarecrow Fabric Wreath

    I’m thrilled to be joining you here again on Designs by JuJu’s website! I’ve always LOVED JuJu’s delightful designs and have used them extensively in my work. This super quick and easy project is great for adorning your front door on Halloween or Thanksgiving.

    For this project, I used an assortment of Juju’s new Whimsical Scarecrow Applique designs. Fabrics are from my stash and chosen for their yellow, orange and red colour scheme. Be sure and read through all the instructions prior to commencing. It will make the project much easier for you.

    Shopping List:

    Four Whimsical Scarecrow Applique designs

    Yellow .4 yard
    Orange Fat Eighth
    Stripe Fat Eighth
    Red Fat Eighth
    Applique fabric Assorted scraps

    Small bag of polyester fibrefill
    Medium weight tearaway stabilizer (Four pieces each measuring 8"x10")
    Embroidery thread, bobbin thread, all-purpose thread
    Embroidery needle, sewing needles
    Temporary fabric adhesive spray, (optional)
    Spray starch (optional)
    Small, sharp scissors or appliqué scissors
    Thimble, (optional)
    Glue gun
    Wire wreath measuring 12" in diameter
    Four yards of red rickrack

    *I use Brother Embroidery thread for all my projects


    Begin by cutting out eight rectangles, each measuring 4"x6" from the orange and striped fabrics and six rectangles from the red fabric. Match the rectangles, two by two, with right sides together and stitch ½" from the perimeter, leaving open a 1½" space. Turn to right sides, being mindful to pull out all corners.

    photo 1 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath Photo 2 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath Photo 3 / Fabric Scarecrow Wreath

    Stuff fibrefill into the opening of the rectangle to make a little pillow. Close opening by handstitching a ladder stitch. Repeat until you have 11 finished rectangular pillows. Set aside.

    photo 4 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath


    Cut four pieces of yellow fabric, each measuring 8"x10". Download your favourite four Whimsical Scarecrow Applique designs – DBJJ878 - to your embroidery machine. Using your machine’s medium sized hoop, center and hoop the first 8"x10" piece of yellow fabric together with tearaway stabilizer. Place the hoop onto the machine and stitch out the first design outline.

    photo 5 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath

    Remove hoop from machine. Cut a fabric scrap slightly larger than the outline stitch. Spray starch the right side of fabric scrap and press. Spray the wrong side of fabric scrap with temporary spray adhesive. Center and finger press fabric onto the outline stitching.

    TIP: Cover ironing board when using spray starch and fabric adhesive to prevent over spray.

    TIP: Temporary fabric adhesive often leaves behind a residue on the needle. It may be necessary to clean your embroidery machine needle as you go.

    Replace the hoop onto the machine and embroider tacking stitches. Remove hoop from the machine and carefully trim around the outline. Place hoop back onto machine and finish embroidering the rest of the design in the same manner.

    photo 6 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath photo 7 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath photo 8 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath

    Repeat these steps to embroider three more Scarecrow Applique designs on the three other 8" x10" pieces of yellow fabric.

    photo 9 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath


    Press and trim around each Scarecrow design to measure 4"x6". Construct four more rectangular pillows in the same manner as with the other fabrics.

    Wire wreath in hand, begin tying rectangular pillows to the wire wreath using the red rickrack. Tie the pillows on tight.

    photo 10 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath

    Keep the four Scarecrow applique rectangular pillows until the end. When you are happy with the colour pattern on the wire wreath, begin placing the Scarecrow applique rectangular pillows on the wreath and glue in place. (I chose to use glue here because tying on the little Scarecrow applique rectangular pillows would obscure some of their amazing cuteness!).

    Hang your scarecrow fabric wreath on your front door and love it every time you look at it!

    photo 11 / Scarecrow Fabric Wreath

    Kim Hanson

    Scarecrow Fabric Wreath Tutorial
  • New Treats n Tricks

    Decorating for HalloweenNew Treats N Tricks set
    Hello Halloween Lovers, this new Treats n Tricks set is just for you! Here at Designs By JuJu, we put together a Treats n Tricks Halloween Filled design set with art work exclusive to us. 

    Here are some home - decor projects we made with this set: 




    New Treats n Tricks - Wall Hanging






    Wall Hanging

    This wall hanging features three of the designs from this supernatural set. Wall hangings are a quick way to spruce up a room with a themed decoration…



    New Treats n Tricks - Placemat



    We know how messy our little monsters can get at meals.. So why not keep your tablecloth clean and get in the mood for Halloween at the same time with this simple placemat!





    We can’t wait to see all your creations! Email your progress shots and finished products to us at

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