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  • Design Spotlight - Christmas Cars (Applique & Vintage Stitch)


    Christmas will be here before you know it, so we put this blog post together to show you our Christmas on Wheels Applique set and our Christmas Cars Vintage Stitch set! Our team can’t get enough of these adorable sets, and have been stitching them out non-stop! These sets are perfect for customizing table runners, quilts, t-shirts & more. :)

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  • Design Spotlight - Inspired Sayings


    Do you love our inspired sayings sets? If so, you’re in luck! We created four adorable sets just for you, Inspired Sayings Set 1, Inspired Sayings Set 2, Inspired Sayings Set 3, & Inspired Sayings Set 4. Get ready to stitch the night away with these adorable sets. :)

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  • Design Spotlight - Holiday Greetings Word Art


    Here at Designs By JuJu, we love holidays! We put together this blog post together to show you our new Holiday Greetings Word Art set. Our team can’t stop stitching out this adorable set, and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do! p.s. This set is perfect for customizing towels, table runners, t-shirts & more!!

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  • Design Spotlight - Fancy Monogram Frames


    Our team cannot get enough of our new Fancy Monogram Frames! We had to do a special shout out for our Fancy Monogram Frames because they are so adorable and perfect for customizing almost anything! A few things we love customizing with our monogram frames here at Designs By JuJu… towels, bags, shirts & more!!

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  • Design Spotlight - Baby Word Art Sets


    Do you have a little one on the way?? We put this blog post together just for you featuring our Baby Word Art Sets!! We wanted to show you our four adorable sets that'll be perfect for customizing onesies, blankets, and bibs! Happy Stitching :)

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  • Design Spotlight - Soulful Sayings Sets


    Do you love our soulful sayings sets?? If so, you’re in luck! We created four adorable sets just for you, Soulful Sayings Set 1, Soulful Sayings Set 2, Soulful Sayings Set 3, & Soulful Sayings Set 4. Get ready to burn the midnight oil with these soulful sayings :)

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  • Design Spotlight - Bakers Word Art


    Do you love baking? We created our new Bakers Word Art set just for you! Our new set has some adorable sayings that you're going to love, and will be stitching out again and again. We had to give a spotlight to this set, because these are some adorable sayings we know you'll love. :)

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  • Design Spotlight - Santa’s Helpers


    Our team is so excited for Christmas! We love this time of year because we love stitching out our favorite Christmas sets! We had to put this blog post together to show you some of our favorite Christmas sets featuring Santa’s little helpers. Happy holiday stitching! :)

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  • Project Tutorial - Happy Halloween Mug Rug

    Blog Post by Kim Hanson


    Welcome everyone. As Halloween approaches, I’m so happy to bring you a quick and easy project to make for Halloween, using Designs by JuJu’s whimsical Halloween filled designs. This little mug rug, which is basically a mini-quilt, can easily be made in a day or two. You can whip one up as a teacher’s gift, or use it to decorate a Halloween table. How about making one just for yourself….to have with your morning coffee? So cute, so simple and so very easy. Let’s get started.

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  • Project Inspiration - Pink & Gray Roly Poly Elephants Quilts


    Here at Designs By JuJu, we love when customers send in their projects! Our Roly Poly Elephants Applique set seems to be a crowd favorite, so we had to put a blog post together with some of our favorite Roly Poly Elephant quilts. These quilts will give you some adorable inspiration & we hope you enjoy these customer projects as much as we do!

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