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  1. Customer Projects: Lolly Dolly In The Hoop

    Our Lolly Dolly In The Hoop Design is a great gift for the little ones in your life! Whether it's for a birthday, a baby shower, Christmas, or another special occasion, the little one in your life will just love this adorable doll! It is easy to hold on to with little hands and even easier to transport wherever they'd like to take it. Check out some customer projects featuring this adorable In The Hoop Design!

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  2. Customer Projects: Vintage Sketch Mason Flowers

    Do you love our "sketch" style designs? You will just fall in love with our Vintage Sketch Mason Flowers set which features 8 beautiful mason jar flower vases in our super sweet "sketched" style! Here are some customer projects featuring this amazing set, we hope they give you as much project inspiration as they did for us! Towels by Kaye We are obsessed with the way...
  3. Customer Projects: Vintage Sketch Mermaids

    We found your new favorite set... Our Vintage Sketch Mermaids which features 8 beautiful mermaids in our super sweet "sketched" style! Keep reading to see some of our favorite customer submissions using this adorable set... Shirt by Audrey How perfect is this set for the mermaid lover in your life?? Audrey did such a great job! We love how she used mylar to add some shine...
  4. Customer Projects: Scarecrow Sets

    Fall is one of our favorite seasons and we are so excited to show you some of the projects our customers sent in featuring some of our favorite scarecrow sets! These designs will be the perfect addition to your next autumn project. Happy stitching! :)

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  5. Customer Projects: Embossed Pumpkin Monogram

    We’re so excited that Fall is just around the corner, so we put together some of our favorite projects using our Embossed Pumpkin Monogram Alphabet! We’re so excited to share these projects with you, and we hope they fill you with project inspiration for the Fall! :)

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  6. Customer Projects: Stuffed Animals Applique and Quilt Blocks

    Calling all quilters! We found your new favorite set... Our Stuffed Animals Applique and Quilt Blocks!

    Don't believe us?? Keep reading to see some of our favorite customer submissions using this adorable set...

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  7. Customer Projects: Sports Mom Applique & Word Art

    Calling all sports moms! As we are getting ready for back to school, finding time to plan the next project can be tough. We wanted to give you some inspiration to get ready for the upcoming school year with some customer projects from some of our favorite mom sets, Sports Mom Applique, and Sports Mom Word Art!

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  8. Customer Projects: Split & Non-Split Floral Monogram


    Calling all monogram lovers... You are going to love our Split Floral and Non-Split Floral Monogram sets! These gorgeous sets are fantastic for so many different projects :)

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  9. Customer Projects: Sleepy Sets

    We are so excited to share with you some of our favorite customer projects featuring some of our sleepy sets! These sets are perfect for quilts, t-shirts, and so much more :)

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  10. Customer Projects: Cute Umbrella Critters Applique Quilts

    Calling all quilters... We have the set for you to create the most beautiful quilts ever!!

    Our customers have sent in some seriously adorable projects that we can't wait to share with you. Check out these quilt projects we've received featuring our Cute Umbrella Critters Applique!

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