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Customer Projects

Designs By JuJu will be featuring projects sent in by our customers!

  1. Customer Projects- Top Dog Applique

    set5-goldendoodle At Designs By JuJu, we love dogs, but we realize no two dogs are alike. That’s why we decided to come out with a Top Dogs Applique series! We have SEVEN different design sets featuring 40 different dog breeds in total! Continue reading →
  2. Customer Quilts - A Hoot And A Half

    Banner-Hoot&AHalf Hello Quilters! We noticed how many BEAUTIFUL quilt designs have been shared with us using our “A Hoot And A Half” sets, and decided we had to share some of our favorites! Continue reading →
  3. Jacobean Birds

    banner / Jacobean Birds Do we have any bird-watching fans? These Jacobean Bird sets will be PERFECT for you! We will be showing some amazing projects from: Springtime Jacobean, Jacobean Hummingbirds Applique, Jumbo Jacobean Hummingbirds Applique, Jacobean Hummingbirds Redwork Continue reading →
  4. Free Bible Verses - Download NOW

    Free Bible Verses Hello Friends. This blog post is here to encourage you with beautiful stories, and to share with you that we have almost 100 FREE Bible Verses available for instant download on our website! Continue reading →
  5. Simply Baltimore Inspiration

    Banner / Simply Baltimore Spring has Sprung!! And now it’s time for flowers to come out in our gardens and in our Embroidery!! The Simply Baltimore Set 1 and Simply Baltimore Set 2 designs will elevate your projects into masterpieces! Continue reading →
  6. Vacation Dreaming...

    ava-jeanette-hurdle / vacationWhether you are going on vacation or just wishing you were, we have many sets to celebrate different types of vacations. We will share 3 different sets with you today! Customer Project Submitted By: Ava Jeanette Hurdle Continue reading →
  7. The Beautiful Adorn Trio Monogram!

    adorn-trio-ornamental-designThe Adorn Ornamental Monograms designs are stunning. We have Adorn Ornamental Monogram (single), Adorn Duo Monogram, and Adorn Trio Monogram. This blog post will be featuring the Adorn Trio Monogram. Continue reading →
  8. We Love It - Adorn Duo Monogram

    Design Spotlight – Adorn Duo Ornamental Monogram At Designs By JuJu, we love the Adorn Ornamental Monograms. There are three designs in the series; they are Adorn Ornamental Monogram,  Adorn Duo Monogram, and Adorn Trio Monogram. This blog post will be featuring the Adorn Duo Monogram, but stay tuned for a blog featuring the Adorn Trio! Banner / Adorn Duo Monogram Continue reading →
  9. We Adore Adorn Ornamental!

    Design Spotlight - Adorn Ornamental Monogram We adore Adorn Ornamental Monograms! There are three designs in the Adorn Monogram series: The Adorn Ornamental Monogram, the Adorn Duo Ornamental Monogram, and the Adorn Trio Ornamental Monogram. This blog post will be featuring the Adorn Monogram (single), but stay tuned for blogs featuring Duo and Trio! Adorn Ornamental / Adore Adorn Continue reading →
  10. Top Set of 2016! - Elegant Damask

    Top Set of the Year! The end of the year is coming, and here at Designs By JuJu we decided to look back at the most popular sets of 2016. We already shared the 9 of the top 10 most popular, and now it's time for the big reveal! The #1 most popular set of the year! Elegant Damask Monogram elegant damask /Top Set 2016Of course, our most popular design is a Designs by JuJu Exclusive, so you have to get it here!! Continue reading →

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