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Design Spotlight

Designs By JuJu will be talking about one or more specific design sets available for download on our website,

  1. Design Spotlight - New Sayings & Word Art

    set2-smartgirl Here at Designs By JuJu, we love word art sets! We love them so much that we had to put together a blog post featuring some of our newest sets… We have sets perfect for hunters, nurses, band members, & more! We love using these adorable sets to customize t-shirts, quilts, & more! Continue reading →
  2. Project Inspiration - Scarecrow & Harvest-Themed Projects

    screen-shot-2018-08-21-at-12-40-40-pm Here at Designs By JuJu, we love fall! We’re so excited that fall is just around the corner, so we’ve been looking back at some of our favorite scarecrow and harvest-themed projects! We’re so excited to share these projects with you, and we hope they fill you with project inspiration for the fall! :) Continue reading →
  3. Design Spotlight - Sashiko Inspired Quilt Blocks

    combinedwithsets03 We are so excited about our new Sashiko Inspired Quilt Blocks!! We had to put a blog post together to show off these gorgeous sets that we know you’ll be in love with. These gorgeous Sashiko inspired sets are perfect for adding an embellishment to your quilts, and we are so excited to share them with you! Sashiko is a Japanese style of stitching traditionally used to reinforce points of wear or to repair worn places or tears with patches, and traditionally use geometric patterns. Today, this running stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery. These quilt blocks are inspired by this style and we have digitized geometric patterns designed by our artist to make a seamless block and include them in both a single running stitch and triple stitch option. Triple stitch blocks will have a higher stitch count, but are more "defined" stitches that give a heavier stitch appearance. Continue reading →
  4. Design Spotlight - Elegant Fall Designs

    r Here at Designs By JuJu, we love fall!! We put this blog post together to show off some of our Elegant Fall Designs. These gorgeous sets look perfect stitched out on just about anything -- pillows, towels & more. Happy Autumn Stitching! :) Continue reading →
  5. Design Spotlight - Back To School Sets

    ad-bear Getting ready for back to school?? If so, you’ve come to the right place! :) We are so excited for back to school season, so we had to put a blog post together to show you some of our favorite back to school sets. These adorable sets are perfect for customizing reading pillows, book covers & more! Continue reading →
  6. Design Spotlight - Halloween Sets

    img_4 Calling all Halloween lovers!! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so we’ve been stitching out some of our favorite Halloween sets to get ready! These adorable sets look great on t-shirts, towels, pillows & more. Continue reading →
  7. Design Spotlight - Four New Monograms

    s Monogram lovers! We’re SO excited about the four newest monograms available on our site... They're gorgeous!  We know you're going to love these beautiful monograms as much as we do, so we wanted to put together a blog post to show them all off. :) Continue reading →
  8. Design Spotlight - 2018 Sizzling Summer Bundle

    designs-by-juju-leonardo-embroidery-font-fun-in-the-ocean Here at Designs By JuJu, we are so excited that it’s officially summer! We decided to celebrate by releasing 8 of our best-selling summer sets in one, Sizzling Summer Bundle! All 8 of these summer designs were hand selected by JuJu for an ideal assortment of summer-themed sets including applique, mehndi, word art, & more. And the best part?? This 8 set bundle is just $8!!! (That means you're only paying $1 per set!) Let's dive into exactly which sets are included... Continue reading →
  9. Design Spotlight - Customer Favorite Christmas Sets

    reindeer We’re celebrating Christmas In July with blog posts featuring some of our customers' favorite Christmas sets! These sets make it easy to personalize some gifts during the holiday season, not to mention they look great on towels, table runners, pillows, and more! Continue reading →
  10. Design Spotlight - Adorn Monograms

    orange-purple-machine Here at Designs By JuJu, we LOVE monograms… And there hasn't been a series of monogram that our customers have loved more than our Adorn Ornamental Monograms! They've been SO popular since they were first released so we had to put together a blog post to show them all off! The Adorn Ornamental Monograms come in a single, duo, and trio option and you're going to want to make sure you have all three options added to your collection.. Trust us! They will be perfect for customizing and adding a personal touch to all of your upcoming projects! Continue reading →

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