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  • Stuffed Animal Applique Quilt Blocks

    Featured Set: Stuffed Animal Applique Quilt Blocks

    four-animals / Animal Applique Quilt Blocks
    Weare featuring  this seriously adorable set of stuffed animal applique quilt blocks. You can use this set just for the Designs By JuJu exclusive appliques, but they also come with the precious heart stipple backgrounds option too! We decided to make the stippled background after months of our tester, Margie asking for another quilt set. If you have never made a stippled quilt before but want to try, check out our Applique Stipple Background Tutorial.

    giraffe-applique / Animal Applique Quilt Blocks

    No Stippling

    As you can see, these cute patchwork style stuffed animal designs can be used without the stippled background. Having the option of stippling almost makes it feel like you have two completely different design sets, for the price of one!


    Each design comes with the applique and it's respective stippled background. There are three sizes of blocks per design included:  5 inch: 5x7 hoop, 6 inch: 6x10 hoop and 7 inch: 8x8 hoop. These include the stippling as well as the applique in one file.

    In addition to each of the applique designs, you will also receive a folder called "stipple." This includes vertical and horizontal stippled sashing strips to go with each size, and a stippled corner block.

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

  • A Christmas Hat for Your Alphabet...

    Christmas Hat Applique Alphabets

    designs-by-juju / Santa Christmas Hat
    It's the most wonderful time of the year! So we decided to feature some fun applique alphabet sets with a Christmas Hat (or antlers) on each letter! We have an Elf Hat Applique Alphabet, a Santa Hat Applique Alphabet, and a Reindeer Applique Alphabet available for download on our site!

    Here is a glimpse at each of the designs...

    Reindeer Applique Alphabet

    These cute reindeer letters are EXCLUSIVE to Designs by JuJu. Our talented artist, Robert Dowd designed these whimsical reindeer letters. This set is available in 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch 6 inch and 7 inch, so you'll be sure to get the perfect size for whatever project you wanted to use it on!

    R-C Reindeer / Christmas Hat Alphabet
    melissa-hatch-adams / Christmas Hat - Reindeer

    Customer Project By:

    Melissa Hatch Adams

    We had this adorable customer project sent in! This is a great design for Christmas pajamas and shirts... This project is just proof of that, Great job, Melissa!

    Elf Hat Applique Alphabet 

    These adorable elf hats are on top of fun applique letters. This set is available in 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, and  6 inch for your stitching convenience! This cute set is great for personalizing your little one's things for Christmas.

    "A" pajamas / Elf Christmas Hat

    Santa Hat Applique Alphabet

    How could we share different Christmas Hat designs without a Santa hat?!  Don't worry, our Santa Hat Applique Alphabet has 5 sizes included: 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch and is the cutest little design. Make sure to get it before the holiday season so you can spruce up all your place settings, pajamas, stockings, and anything else you can embroider!

    arabella - Santa Christmas Hat


    Now It's Your Turn!

    We are sure you have been working on many different Christmas projects...

    Please send us any projects you've been creating. We would love to see them! To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

    Happy Stitching!

    See all our Christmas design sets for your Holiday Inspiration!


  • Some Embossed Alphabets

    Quatrefoil & Hexagon Embossed Monograms

    Monograms and Embossed Alphabets can make an elegant addition to many different gifts and projects. We want to feature two exciting Design By JuJu Exclusive embossed alphabet designs, but before we begin...

    Some Info on Embossed Designs

    Embossed embroidery is a lovely three-dimensional technique that leaves some areas of the design open and raised when stitched on fabrics that have a nap such as towels or fleece. The rest of the design flattens down the napped fabric. Try stitching this type of embroidery design on a robe, or a set of towels for your bath or kitchen . PDF instructions on how to use embossed monogram is included with both sets.

    If you like the embossed look, check out our: Embossed Frame Monogram Alphabet , Elegant Christmas Embossed MonogramElegant Oval Frame Embossed AlphabetChristmas Wreath Embossed Monogram or our best selling Preppy Embossed Monogram AlphabetPumpkin Embossed Monogram Alphabet, and Chic Embossed Monogram Alphabet!

    Quatrefoil Embossed Applique Alphabet

    This Designs by JuJu Exclusive will be perfect for your upcoming gifts! You can stitch this monogram with the frame as an applique, or tone on tone. Any way you choose, you are sure to LOVE this new monogram! You can see both stitching options displayed in the picture.

    two-letters / Embossed Alphabets

    Here is a video of the frame being stitched as an applique.

    Hexagon Embossed Monogram Alphabet

    Hexagon Embossed Alphabets

    This design is another Designs by JuJu Exclusive! This hexagon Embossed Monogram is sure to become a family favorite... it's SO versatile! This design is elegant enough for wedding gifts, masculine enough for the men in your life, and a great way to send your kid off to college in style!  We offer several sizes, so you're sure to have the perfect fit for all of your different projects.

    The 5 sizes included are
    3 inch and 4 inch: 4x4 hoop
    5 inch: 5x7 hoop
    6 inch: 6x10 hoop
    7 inch: 8x8 hoop

    You can see the monogram being stitched out here...


    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

    Embossed Alphabets Spotlight

  • Applique Stipple Background Tutorial

    Welcome! In this tutorial, we would like to show you our process for stitching out the applique designs that have a stipple background for you to make quilt blocks! The process is very simple. In this tutorial, we are using our newest quilt blocks from our Stuffed Animals Applique collection. The process is the same for our Valentine Heart Peekers, Cute Umbrella Critters Stick Zoo Applique, and Monster Party Applique Alphabet.

    Step One

    Hoop no show nylon mesh stabilizer
    Stipple Background Tutorial 1

    Step Two

    Sew out first step in design. This is the placement line for your batting. Make sure batting is about a half an inch bigger than the outline so it does not get caught in the foot of your machine. You can use tape on the edges to hold it down  if you want to.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 2

    Step Three

    Place the batting in the hoop
    Stipple Background Tutorial 3

    Step Four

    Next step will stitch the batting down.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 4

    Step Five

    Then you will trim the batting back to the stitching line, do not cut thru stitching line.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 5

    Step Six

    Next step is to place your background material over the batting making sure you have at least a half an inch all the way around.

    Stipple Background Tutorial 6

    Step Seven

    The next step will stitch the background material to the stabilizer.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 7

    Step Eight

    The next step will sew the stippling around the design area.  Then just proceed to do the rest of the applique design.  When finished with the design remove from hoop and trim your block ½” from the outside stitch line and you are done with the block.

    Stipple Background Tutorial 8


    This is the finished block.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 9


    Sashing strips and corner stones are sewn out exactly the same as the blocks without the applique.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 10

    Step Nine

    Pin completed and trimmed sashing strip to edge of block matching the stitching line and pin.  Sew to block just a smidge inside of the stitching line.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 11


    This shows the front after two blocks are sewn together.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 12


    Here are 4 blocks joined together.
    Stipple Background Tutorial 13

    Once all of your blocks are joined together, you can add the backing of your choice. Sometimes Margie adds an additional layer of batting also. Layer your quilt and bind as desired.
    This shows the front after two blocks are sewn together.

    Stipple Background Tutorial

  • North Pole Village Colorwork Project Inspiration

    North Pole Village Colorwork Project

    If you haven't seen our blog post on North Pole Village Customer Projects featuring the filled and applique sets you can find it HERE. This post will focus specifically on projects that customers sent us using our four North Pole Village Colorwork Sets.

    Make Ornaments!

    Colorwork Project by: Carolyn Barnes

    Colorwork Project By : Carolyn Barnes
    These ornaments are so clever! We love seeing how creative our customers are with our designs. Thank you for sending this in, Carolyn!

    Customer Feedback:
    Love these designs, I made all 48 into ornaments. Thank you. ~Carolyn

    Make Quilts!

    Colorwork Project By: Susan Byrne

    Colorwork Project - Quilt By Susan Byrnes
    This quilt is so beautiful! It gets us in the mood for Christmas ?. The designs stitched out beautifully, thanks for sharing, Susan!

    Customer Feedback:
    Just finished this quilt using all four sets of the Christmas Village color work. ~Susan

    Here's a close-up of the stitched out designs...

    Colorwork Project By: Susan Byrne

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

    View all the North Pole Village Series here.

  • Advent Calendar: Countdown To Christmas

    Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Customer Projects

    Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar
    Having an Advent Calendar is a great family activity. A Countdown to Christmas has 25 pockets with 25 unique ornaments. Each day in December leading up to Christmas, your child takes an ornament out of the pocket and buttons it onto the Christmas tree in the middle of the display. By Christmas Day, your tree will be completely decorated! (Note: Kiddos also love when there are extra surprises in each pocket! wink wink)

    Our advent calendar design set comes with TWO different sizes so you can make different sized calendars.

    This design set includes:
    - "In the hoop" ornament & star designs (w/ button holes)
    - Pocket designs
    - PDF e-pattern for Christmas Tree
    - A step-by-step tutorial for constructing your calendar

    Customer Advent Calendar: Carol Hessler

    customer-project-carol-hessler / advent calendar

    As you can see in this beautiful project by Carol, there are 25 unique designs that can be used for each of the 25 different ornaments.

    We love how beautiful the tree looks once it's decorated!

    A Word From the Customer:

    This was such a fun project. I mixed up the order of the pockets so our nearly three year old granddaughter has to hunt for the right date. I tried to match the fabric on the back of the ornaments with the design on the front. It's been a great hit. The designs stitched out beautifully. Thank you for making the days before Christmas so special for our "little one." ~Carol

    Customer Advent Calendar: Melissa Yaroschak

    customer-project-melissa-yaroschak / advent calendar

    In this project, we see Melissa used small jewels instead of buttons which makes her Advent Calendar sparkle even more!

    If you look closely, you can also see how the buttonholes are stitched out on the star and ornaments.

    A Word From the Customer:
    Finally finished our Advent Calendar... 18 months of working on it here and there (so many projects, so little time!). I'm so thrilled that we now have this special family heirloom. The kids love it and can't wait for their next turn to add another ornament! ~Melissa

    Customer Advent Calendar: Kathy Kahler

    customer project - Kathy Kahler / advent Calendar
    This project by Kathy shows a nice close-up of how adorable these pockets really are! The numbers are whimsical and stitch out beautifully. We love the multi-colored pockets on this project too.

    Also, check out what the buttonhole looks like on an ornament when it isn't already attached to the tree.

    Completed Advent Calenders

    Lastly, here are some completed customer projects for you!

    Advent Calendar - 1 Advent Calendar - 5 Advent Calendar - 3

    Advent Calendar - 2

    Advent Calendar -4

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

  • Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Turkey Applique Alphabet / Thanksgiving Inspiration Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means it's almost time for food, family and football! Here is a blog post if you need any Thanksgiving Inspiration to get some festive projects done in time for the holiday!

    We are showing off some fun customer projects using several different sets...

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Jacki Tindall

    Customer Project: Jacki Tindall / Thanksgiving InspirationWe are thankful for adorable Thanksgiving outfits!

    This precious shirt is using a turkey design that can be found in our Harvest Patchwork Applique design set!

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project - Charleen Gribben (Instagram User @CGRIBBEN)

    Charleen Gribben / Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Do you want your house to feel more like Thanksgiving?

    You can make a wall hanging like Charleen did using our Jumbo Harvest Applique Sampler design set!

    Charlene did a great job with this quilted decoration, we love it!

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Dorothy Mullen

    Project By: Dorothy Mullen Lomax - Thanksgiving InsnpirationWhat better way is there to decorate than making some cute Thanksgiving towels? These colors really pop and the different designs are too fun.

    The scarecrows Dorothy used are from the Designs By JuJu exclusive designs in Scarecrows Applique. The pumpkin and turkey designs can be found in our Jumbo Harvest Applique Sampler.

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Mary Jo Munsey-Tyree

    Customer Project: Mary Tyree / Thanksgiving Inspiration

    This towel is WAY too cute!! And Mary showed us how you can make this project too...

    Directions (from Mary)

    *Stitch out the appliqué as usual--OTHER THAN--When stitching the turkey beak, STOP the stitching when beak is finished. Advance to the next color. This disallows the feet to be stitched.

    *Cut 2--2" by 6" pieces for legs (or the length of finished legs plus 1/2" for seam allowance.). Seam them up with 1/4" seam, backstitching on both ends to secure. Stuff them lightly with fiberfill, using your favorite method. Stitch up each end with a narrow zigzag stitch.

    *Make a freehand pattern of the turkey feet. Mine are about 1.5". Using this pattern, cut 4 turkey feet using craft felt. Run a stitch down the middle of each "toe", for dimension, leaving 1/4" open at the beginning and end of each row. Using a glue gun (or other), attach the legs to the feet by separating the top layers of the feet and inserting the end of the leg, and glueing. The "feathers" on the feet are fake fur. I cut 2 strips the circumference of the legs + 1/4" seam allowance, and a scant 1/2" wide, being careful NOT to cut the fur...only the backing. Seam them and attach as you would a ring to a finger.

    *Using a sewing machine and thread color of the body of the appliqué, tack the legs in position with a STRAIGHT STITCH STITCH. Trim closely to stitching. Then reset to a wide and dense SATIN STITCH (4.5 and 0.5. ). Re-stitch over straight stitch, AND original appliqué satin stitch.

    FYI: This is a very easy project. Your directions are great. As a matter of fact, this is the very first appliqué ...BUT NOT THE LAST! So much fun!

    Mary Tyree

    PS. To clarify the feet. Sandwich 2 together before top stitching the dimension lines.

    Looking for more Thanksgiving Inspiration? Check out Kim Hanson's tutorial on how to make a Scarecrow Applique Wreath!

    Already thinking about Christmas?  Check out our Christmas Inspiration blog post!

    Now It's Your Turn!

    We love seeing all your projects... To submit photos for our showcase, please

    Happy Stitching!

    See all our Thanksgiving design sets for your Thanksgiving Inspiration!

  • North Pole Village Customer Projects

    Did you know... We have over 15 different North Pole Village design sets! There are filled sets, applique sets, and colorwork sets. You should make sure to check them all out for Designs By JuJu exclusive designs!

    For this post, we will look at some beautiful filled and applique North Pole Village customer projects that have been sent to us. We hope these photos will inspire you for your next batch of Christmas projects...

    Christmas Decorations

    Project By Jean Conklin

    Project By: Jean Conklin

    This project is such a clever use of these designs! Jean made an easily transportable mat (with handles) featuring the North Pole Village. She used the applique style of these designs.

    Hi thought you might enjoy seeing how I used your design to make a Frozen travel mat using the North Village! They go great with that theme! ~Jean

    Project: Sandy Radtke / North Pole Village Customer Project

    Project By: Sandy Radtke

    Sandy decorated her tree skirt and table runner with these fun designs! As you can see, she used the filled version of these designs and they stitched out perfectly!

    Great job, Sandy!


    Teri Edwards Olson / North Pole Village Customer Project

    Project By: Teri Edwards Olson

    This design also looks amazing on quilts. Just look at Teri's beautiful handiwork!

    I also won a first place Judge's Choice for a Christmas Quilt Blue ribbon in the Minnesota State Fair using Juju Design's Santa's Village. Thank you for making such beautiful designs! ~

    Barbara Walton / North Pole Village Customer Project

    Project By: Barbara Walton

    Here is another type of quilt using the North Pole Village designs...

    My latest rag quilt I just completed on my craft holiday, I used Northpole Villages Applique sets 1-4 and thoroughly enjoyed every stitch.
    I think there will be several more made by my crafty friends and by myself also. ~Barbara

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

    View all the North Pole Village Series here.

  • Damask Christmas Customer Projects

    Damask Christmas Customer Project Spotlights
    We are writing today to spotlight some Damask Christmas customer projects.

    Damask Christmas is a Designs By JuJu exclusive!  When you download Damask Christmas you will receive each design in FOUR sizes (4x4 5x7 6x10 and 8x8).

    These 15 stunning designs are perfect for any last minute hostess gift.  From napkins to stockings, this design will turn out beautifully on every project!

    Project By: Elizabeth Taylor Shotwell

    Customer Project: Elizabeth Taylor Shotwell / Damask Christmas Customer Project

    Project By: Jessica Hanley Johnson

    Customer Project By: Jessica Hanley Johnson / Damask Christmas Customer Project

    Project By: Lisa Dangler

    Customer Project By: Lisa Dangler / Damask Christmas Customer Project

    Project By: Sarah De Viney Baxter

    Customer Project By: Sarah De Viney Baxter / Christmas Damask Customer Project

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing all of your finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in by emailing:

  • Project Inspiration: Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Customer Projects Showcase - Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Calling all quilters, aspiring quilters, and everybody who loves elephants... This blog post is for you!! We compiled some of the cutest Roly Poly Elephants quilts that customers shared with us, and now we just HAVE to share them with all of you.

    Customer Project By Devika Wignarajah / Roly Poly Elephants quilts

    Project By: Devika Wignarajah

    The craftsmanship in this quilt by Devika Wignarajah is just beautiful.

    This quilt would look adorable in any nursery or children's room. In all honesty, we'd even like it in an adult's room too!

    Customer Project By: Terri Dawes / Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Project By: Terri Dawes

    This heartfelt message from Terri Dawes made our day. We LOVE seeing the beautiful projects people create, and it is so encouraging for us to hear all the different ways people are using our designs!

    Hi! I'm new to Embroidery. I purchased my first design from you. My husband's boss is having their first baby and it's a girl. His mother used to quilt but she passed before her first grandchild was born. I wanted to make something special for him; I wanted baby elephants and your set was perfect! ... I had such fun stitching out these precious elephants! Thanks for such great quality and helping to provide a nice memory. The picture doesn't do it justice. Thanks again!!

    Customer Project By Pauline Granstrom / Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    Project By: Pauline Granstrom

    Lastly, we would like to share this customer feedback and the beautiful quilt made by Pauline Granstrom.

    I was a bit apprehensive when my Grand Girl asked for a quilt in gray, pink and yellow. When I saw the elephants I knew just what to do and all that silly ole’ apprehension went away.
    Thanks so much for your beautiful designs.

    We love that Pauline was able to feature all 12 adorable designs in this project for her granddaughter!!


    There are so many different ways we have seen this design used, but we just love quilts so much and had to share a few of the best with all of you. Thanks so much for reading!

    To submit photos of the projects you've been working on, please email:

    Find the Roly Poly Elephants Applique set here.

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