Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Customer Projects

Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Having an Advent Calendar is a great family activity. A Countdown to Christmas has 25 pockets with 25 unique ornaments. Each day in December leading up to Christmas, your child takes an ornament out of the pocket and buttons it onto the Christmas tree in the middle of the display. By Christmas Day, your tree will be completely decorated! (Note: Kiddos also love when there are extra surprises in each pocket! wink wink) Our advent calendar design set comes with TWO different sizes so you can make different sized calendars. This design set includes: - "In the hoop" ornament & star designs (w/ button holes) - Pocket designs - PDF e-pattern for Christmas Tree - A step-by-step tutorial for constructing your calendar

Customer Advent Calendar: Carol Hessler

customer-project-carol-hessler / advent calendar As you can see in this beautiful project by Carol, there are 25 unique designs that can be used for each of the 25 different ornaments. We love how beautiful the tree looks once it's decorated!
A Word From the Customer: This was such a fun project. I mixed up the order of the pockets so our nearly three year old granddaughter has to hunt for the right date. I tried to match the fabric on the back of the ornaments with the design on the front. It's been a great hit. The designs stitched out beautifully. Thank you for making the days before Christmas so special for our "little one." ~Carol

Customer Advent Calendar: Melissa Yaroschak

customer-project-melissa-yaroschak / advent calendar In this project, we see Melissa used small jewels instead of buttons which makes her Advent Calendar sparkle even more! If you look closely, you can also see how the buttonholes are stitched out on the star and ornaments.
A Word From the Customer: Finally finished our Advent Calendar... 18 months of working on it here and there (so many projects, so little time!). I'm so thrilled that we now have this special family heirloom. The kids love it and can't wait for their next turn to add another ornament! ~Melissa

Customer Advent Calendar: Kathy Kahler

customer project - Kathy Kahler / advent Calendar This project by Kathy shows a nice close-up of how adorable these pockets really are! The numbers are whimsical and stitch out beautifully. We love the multi-colored pockets on this project too. Also, check out what the buttonhole looks like on an ornament when it isn't already attached to the tree.

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