Turkey Applique Alphabet / Thanksgiving Inspiration Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means it's almost time for food, family and football! Here is a blog post if you need any Thanksgiving Inspiration to get some festive projects done in time for the holiday! We are showing off some fun customer projects using several different sets...

Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Jacki Tindall

Customer Project: Jacki Tindall / Thanksgiving InspirationWe are thankful for adorable Thanksgiving outfits! This precious shirt is using a turkey design that can be found in our Harvest Patchwork Applique design set!

Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project - Charleen Gribben (Instagram User @CGRIBBEN)

Charleen Gribben / Thanksgiving Inspiration Do you want your house to feel more like Thanksgiving? You can make a wall hanging like Charleen did using our Jumbo Harvest Applique Sampler design set! Charlene did a great job with this quilted decoration, we love it!

Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Dorothy Mullen

Project By: Dorothy Mullen Lomax - Thanksgiving InsnpirationWhat better way is there to decorate than making some cute Thanksgiving towels? These colors really pop and the different designs are too fun. The scarecrows Dorothy used are from the Designs By JuJu exclusive designs in Scarecrows Applique. The pumpkin and turkey designs can be found in our Jumbo Harvest Applique Sampler.

Thanksgiving Inspiration Customer Project: Mary Jo Munsey-Tyree

Customer Project: Mary Tyree / Thanksgiving Inspiration This towel is WAY too cute!! And Mary showed us how you can make this project too...

Directions (from Mary)

*Stitch out the appliqué as usual--OTHER THAN--When stitching the turkey beak, STOP the stitching when beak is finished. Advance to the next color. This disallows the feet to be stitched. *Cut 2--2" by 6" pieces for legs (or the length of finished legs plus 1/2" for seam allowance.). Seam them up with 1/4" seam, backstitching on both ends to secure. Stuff them lightly with fiberfill, using your favorite method. Stitch up each end with a narrow zigzag stitch. *Make a freehand pattern of the turkey feet. Mine are about 1.5". Using this pattern, cut 4 turkey feet using craft felt. Run a stitch down the middle of each "toe", for dimension, leaving 1/4" open at the beginning and end of each row. Using a glue gun (or other), attach the legs to the feet by separating the top layers of the feet and inserting the end of the leg, and glueing. The "feathers" on the feet are fake fur. I cut 2 strips the circumference of the legs + 1/4" seam allowance, and a scant 1/2" wide, being careful NOT to cut the fur...only the backing. Seam them and attach as you would a ring to a finger. *Using a sewing machine and thread color of the body of the appliqué, tack the legs in position with a STRAIGHT STITCH STITCH. Trim closely to stitching. Then reset to a wide and dense SATIN STITCH (4.5 and 0.5. ). Re-stitch over straight stitch, AND original appliqué satin stitch. FYI: This is a very easy project. Your directions are great. As a matter of fact, this is the very first appliqué ...BUT NOT THE LAST! So much fun! Thanks, Mary Tyree PS. To clarify the feet. Sandwich 2 together before top stitching the dimension lines.

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