Calling all quilters, aspiring quilters, and everybody who loves elephants... This blog post is for you!! We compiled some of the cutest Roly Poly Elephants quilts that customers shared with us, and now we just HAVE to share them with all of you.
Customer Project By Devika Wignarajah / Roly Poly Elephants quilts

Project By: Devika Wignarajah

The craftsmanship in this quilt by Devika Wignarajah is just beautiful. This quilt would look adorable in any nursery or children's room. In all honesty, we'd even like it in an adult's room too!
Customer Project By: Terri Dawes / Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

Project By: Terri Dawes

This heartfelt message from Terri Dawes made our day. We LOVE seeing the beautiful projects people create, and it is so encouraging for us to hear all the different ways people are using our designs!
Hi! I'm new to Embroidery. I purchased my first design from you. My husband's boss is having their first baby and it's a girl. His mother used to quilt but she passed before her first grandchild was born. I wanted to make something special for him; I wanted baby elephants and your set was perfect! ... I had such fun stitching out these precious elephants! Thanks for such great quality and helping to provide a nice memory. The picture doesn't do it justice. Thanks again!!

Customer Project By Pauline Granstrom / Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

Project By: Pauline Granstrom

Lastly, we would like to share this customer feedback and the beautiful quilt made by Pauline Granstrom.
I was a bit apprehensive when my Grand Girl asked for a quilt in gray, pink and yellow. When I saw the elephants I knew just what to do and all that silly ole’ apprehension went away. Thanks so much for your beautiful designs.
We love that Pauline was able to feature all 12 adorable designs in this project for her granddaughter!!


There are so many different ways we have seen this design used, but we just love quilts so much and had to share a few of the best with all of you. Thanks so much for reading! To submit photos of the projects you've been working on, please email: [email protected]
Find the Roly Poly Elephants Applique set here.