Stipple Background Tutorial 13Welcome! In this tutorial, we would like to show you our process for stitching out the applique designs that have a stipple background for you to make quilt blocks! The process is very simple. In this tutorial, we are using our newest quilt blocks from our Stuffed Animals Applique collection. The process is the same for our Valentine Heart Peekers, Cute Umbrella Critters Stick Zoo Applique, and Monster Party Applique Alphabet.

Step One

Hoop no show nylon mesh stabilizer
Stipple Background Tutorial 1

Step Two

Sew out first step in design. This is the placement line for your batting. Make sure batting is about a half an inch bigger than the outline so it does not get caught in the foot of your machine. You can use tape on the edges to hold it down  if you want to.
Stipple Background Tutorial 2

Step Three

Place the batting in the hoop
Stipple Background Tutorial 3

Step Four

Next step will stitch the batting down.
Stipple Background Tutorial 4

Step Five

Then you will trim the batting back to the stitching line, do not cut thru stitching line.
Stipple Background Tutorial 5

Step Six

Next step is to place your background material over the batting making sure you have at least a half an inch all the way around.

Stipple Background Tutorial 6

Step Seven

The next step will stitch the background material to the stabilizer.
Stipple Background Tutorial 7

Step Eight

The next step will sew the stippling around the design area.  Then just proceed to do the rest of the applique design.  When finished with the design remove from hoop and trim your block ½” from the outside stitch line and you are done with the block.

Stipple Background Tutorial 8


This is the finished block.
Stipple Background Tutorial 9


Sashing strips and corner stones are sewn out exactly the same as the blocks without the applique.
Stipple Background Tutorial 10

Step Nine

Pin completed and trimmed sashing strip to edge of block matching the stitching line and pin.  Sew to block just a smidge inside of the stitching line.
Stipple Background Tutorial 11


This shows the front after two blocks are sewn together.
Stipple Background Tutorial 12


Here are 4 blocks joined together.
Stipple Background Tutorial 13

Once all of your blocks are joined together, you can add the backing of your choice. Sometimes Margie adds an additional layer of batting also. Layer your quilt and bind as desired.
This shows the front after two blocks are sewn together.

Stipple Background Tutorial