North Pole Village Colorwork Project If you haven't seen our blog post on North Pole Village Customer Projects featuring the filled and applique sets you can find it HERE. This post will focus specifically on projects that customers sent us using our four North Pole Village Colorwork Sets.

Make Ornaments!

Colorwork Project by: Carolyn Barnes

Colorwork Project By : Carolyn Barnes These ornaments are so clever! We love seeing how creative our customers are with our designs. Thank you for sending this in, Carolyn!
Customer Feedback: Love these designs, I made all 48 into ornaments. Thank you. ~Carolyn

Make Quilts!

Colorwork Project By: Susan Byrne

Colorwork Project - Quilt By Susan Byrnes This quilt is so beautiful! It gets us in the mood for Christmas 🎄. The designs stitched out beautifully, thanks for sharing, Susan!
Customer Feedback: Just finished this quilt using all four sets of the Christmas Village color work. ~Susan
Here's a close-up of the stitched out designs... Colorwork Project By: Susan Byrne

Send us your Projects

We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email: [email protected]
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