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Special Sales

Where are the 8 sets for $12?

THOUSANDS of our products qualify for the promotional pricing! All of our purchasable sets, singles and fonts can be used towards the 8 for $12 sale. (Please note: In-the-Hoop, End-to-End, PNG Watercolors and Free Designs do NOT apply.) Each listing will specify whether it is included in the current promotion.

You must have the minimum number of purchasable sets/singles/fonts in your cart for the special pricing to take effect. All items will show regular sale pricing until the minimum is me...

I spent $25, where are my bonus items?

Thank you for your order! If your single order design total was at least $25, the Bonus Bundle of designs will automatically appear in your downloads AFTER the completion of your order. They will NOT appear in your cart nor on your email receipt. Once you log into your account on our website, the bonus items will appear at the bottom of your order after the products you purchased. Full details explained here.

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