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What brand of thread do you recommend?

We use mostly Floriani Polyester these days. We also love and use Robison Anton Polyester and Madeira. Of course, there are many great threads available on the market.

Are your designs manually digitized?

YES! All of our designs are manually digitized. Great care is taken in state of the art software to precisely digitize each design with accuracy, minimization of unnecessary jump stitches, and proper settings to ensure a delightful stitch out for you.

Are your designs test stitched?

YES! Absolutely. Every single design at Designs by JuJu has been thoroughly tested by our *in house dedicated testers* and stitched repeatedly until they are satisfactory for release. 

In the very rare event that you have any issues, it is most likely due to a factor that we can easily assist you with. This is often due to stabilizing, materials, or machine tension. However, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any issues and our friendly support staff will assist you.

What thread brand is used on your color charts?

The primary purpose of a color chart is to show you which part of the design is stitched at each color stop. Many of our design files are applique designs or ITH projects, so your thread choice will depend on the fabric you use. The same philosophy holds with our embroidery designs - it is NOT imperative that you use the exact same thread colors on the chart. In fact, when we stitch samples we rarely follow it exactly ourselves! The beauty of custom embroidery is getting to create a unique pr...

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