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How do I make a hooded towel? Is there a tutorial?

YES! We have a fantastic tutorial on our YouTube channel. CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL Be sure to subscribe to our channel for future tutorials!

How do I stitch out a machine applique design?

Applique Tutorial Before and After

Are you new to machine embroidery? Have you been nervous to try an applique design? Well, have no fear! The following is a step-by-step tutorial for stitching a three-fabric applique design from start to finish. A free design is available so you can work alongside us!

Gather your supplies.
In addition to the design file and color chart, you will need:
- embroidery thread and bobbin
- fabric
- scissors
- stabilizer hooped with your base item.

supplies needed: thread, fabric, stabilizer, scissors

Prepare your fabrics ahead of time with a fusib...

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