Banner / Mehndi Owls Blog We have another beautiful Mehndi design to feature in our blog… We just love the Mehndi look! So we decided to take a blog to talk about this new Mehndi Owls set and about the Mehndi style we have been using in many of our designs!

About Mehndi Owls

Photo 1 / Mehndi Owls Blog This set is a Designs By JuJu Exclusive… You can only get it from us! This design set features 8 absolutely stunning mehndi style owls! The designs feature from 8 – 10 different thread colors to make these colorful creations. Each owl comes in 4 sizes: 4x4 5x7 6x10 and 8x8

About Mehndi Designs

Photo 2 / Mehndi Owls Blog We have been featuring a lot of Mehndi – inspired designs. We figured we could take a bit of time to explain what “Mehndi” means. Mehndi is another word for henna, which is a paste used to dye skin or hair. Traditionally one would delicately apply the henna to make intricate designs on skin to make a “temporary tattoo”. The intricate “tattoo” designs have inspired the style of many of our Mehndi designs. You can see all our Mehndi designs HERE if you like the style of these owls!

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