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Do we have any bean-stitch lovers out there?? This blog is made JUST for you!! We have found some of our beautiful Bean Stitch designs to share…

Three Letter Deco Bean Stitch Circle Monogram

photo-1 / Bean Stitch EmbroideryThis beautiful, art deco inspired circular monogram sure to wow you! This beautiful monogram is a Designs By JuJu exclusive! It is a bean stitch version with bean stitch motifs, this monogram is lovely for your embroidery needs. This design is digitized with placement lines for a raggy applique style alternative! (Making a raggy applique only adds one step to make..) P.S. We also have satin applique and filled stitch versions of this design sold separately!

Embroidery Bean Stitch Interlocking Ribbon Monogram

photo-2 / Bean Stitch EmbroideryYou'll LOVE this nice heavy embroidery bean stitch monogram.  It is designed to form 3 letter monograms utilizing a center letter and smaller sized side letters.. Each center letter has a corresponding side letter to form lovely 3 letter monograms. If you love this design, we also have a Fun Stitch Interlocking Ribbon Monogram, in a similar design!

Embroidery Bean Stitch Circular Script Monogram

Teddy-Bean Stitch Circular Monogram- This monogram set is designed to form 3 letter "circular" monograms in a fancy script. It is using the beautiful bean stitch making it fairly quick to stitch and yielding a lovely stitch effect. Each size includes the center letter with a corresponding left and right letter. Combine them in your customizing software to make your own circular monograms. You may also use all center letters for example: use the 5 inch center letter with the 3 inch center letters as your sides. Loads of fun and possibilities! You may also use all center letters for example: use the 5 inch center letter with the 3 inch center letters as your sides. Loads of fun and possibilities!

Embroidery Bean Stitch Interlaced Monogram

photo-4 / Bean Stitch EmbroideryThis monogram is a gorgeous interlaced monogram in a lovely heavy bean stitch. There are no jumps and they are fairly quick to stitch with a modest stitch count. See Design Info link for exact stitch counts, but the largest letters are an average of 7000 stitches. Looks beautiful on denim, sweatshirts, fleece, cotton. Will look beautiful on napkins, toss pillows, pillowcases and more!Please note: These are individual machine stitch files and NOT keyboard fonts that you can "type". You *must* have embroidery customizing software to merge your letters together to form 3 letter monograms. **NOTE: Each size contains ONE letter. To form a 3 letter monogram, use a smaller size on the sides. Ex: MHJ You may opt to use the 4 inch H for the center, and the 3 inch M and J for the sides.

Bean Stitch Block Font

[caption id="attachment_5727" align="alignleft" width="540"] Raincoat - Bean Stitch Embroidery Font[/caption] You will LOVE this simple and effective block font in a nice thick bean stitch. This font does not include numbers and characters. All of our fonts are 100% manually digitized to ensure the highest quality. 5 sizes included: .75 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch

Heartsong Applique Alphabet

photo-6 / Bean Stitch Embroidery Here is a beautiful applique alphabet featuring a twirling vine of hearts with a nice heavy bean stitch. If you want to do the letters without the vine and hearts, simply omit step 3 during the stitching. This is great for Valentine's Day, or any day!

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