Mandalas are symmetrical circle designs radiating from a center point and making beautiful patterns. We recently released Marvelous Mandalas set 1 and set 2, but these designs are so beautiful so we had to keep exploring with them!

Marvelous Mandala Monogram Frames takes the complex beauty of the mandala and pairs it with the personal touch of a monogram. This set features 4 “split” mandalas and 4 mandalas to feature a circular monogram!

Split Mandala


This split design gives the flexibility to add full names, or longer monograms.

Circular Frames

Circle Script - Monogram

We are so excited about this beautiful option! You can add just one letter to look stunning, or when paired with our Circle Script Embroidery Monogram (or other circle monograms) This design will WOW all who see it!

Our Circle Script Monogram is a three letter monogram that forms a beautiful circle.

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