Set 1 / Marvelous Mandalas Set 1

We have 2 beautiful sets, Marvelous Mandalas Set 1 and Marvelous Mandalas Set 2 inspired by traditional mandala designs.

Mandala literally means “circle” in Sanskrit. These designs are circular with one center point surrounded by many intricate designs and symbols. Mandalas have several symmetrical sections coming from the center point.

Marvelous Mandalas Sets 1& 2

Each set features 8 exquisite, bright and colorful mandala designs! These are Designs By JuJu Exclusives, so you can only get them here!

Each Mandala comes in 3 sizes: 5x7 6x10 and 8x8.

These designs will look absolutely stunning on all your different projects. They can be made with brighter more fun colors on projects for kids, or feature more mature colors.

These can be added to bags, towels, shirts, and wall hangings, they are a beautiful and trendy accent piece for many different projects.

Set 1 / MandalasSet 2 / Marvelous Mandalas

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Marvelous Mandalas Set 1
Marvelous Mandalas Set 2