The holiday season and the quest for the perfect gift are rapidly approaching. Are you looking for easy Christmas embroidery ideas? Here are two personalized Christmas embroidery gifts you can make quickly! 

Embroidered Hand Towel

Hand towels are an easy Christmas embroidery gift idea that is so versatile. They can be given individually, as a set, or combined with other items to make a complete gift theme.  

Materials Needed

  • 100% cotton hand towel – Here’s a Link to the towels I used
  • Water-soluble stabilizer backing
  • Water-soluble topping
  • Embroidery design from Designs by JuJu – Flowering Hearts 

Iron the hand towel to remove any wrinkles before stitching the design. Select an embroidery design from Designs by JuJu. For this project, I used the Flowering Hearts design file. 

Cut two pieces of water-soluble stabilizer backing slightly larger than the frame and layer them before hooping. 

Fold the hand towel in half to find the center of the towel. Run your index and forefinger down the fold to create a center line. 

Unfold the towel and lay it out on the hoop in the desired position using the line to center the design. 

Cover the hand towel with the water-soluble topping and finish hooping. Make sure the towel is smooth inside the hoop. Run the design on your machine. 

*Pro Tip: If running an intricate design or using metallic thread, slow down the stitching speed of your machine. 400/spm is the lowest setting on my machine, and it will vary from machine to machine.  The important thing is not to rush the design.

When the design is completed, remove the hoop. Trim any excess stabilizer on both sides of the towel. Make sure that you check the placement of scissors to avoid accidentally cutting a hole in your finished product. 

Wash the hand towel to dissolve the stabilizer and topping. Iron out any wrinkles to make your project ready for gifting.  This design file stitches out beautifully. The endless color combinations make this a perfect Christmas embroidery gift idea and customizable for many people!

Personalized Shave Kit

Personalized shave kits make a perfect Christmas embroidery gift idea. Adding a monogram to the bag elevates this gift from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Materials Needed

  • Canvas shave kit – Here’s a Link to the shave kits I used 
  • Medium tear-away stabilizer
  • Embroidery design from Designs by JuJu – Josiah Embroidery Font

Begin by selecting an embroidery design from Designs by JuJu. I’m using the Josiah Embroidery Font for the personalized monogram for this project. 

Determine the placement of the monogram and hoop your shave kit. Ensure the material inside the hooped area is smooth on the inside and outside of the kit.

Check the bag's inside to ensure the zipper pocket is free after being hooped. Before running the design, make sure that zipper pockets are clear of your machine, then run the design. You will stitch the webbing of the zipper pocket if you are not careful with this step.

*Pro Tip: Always double-check that the zipper pocket is clear of your machine before embroidering the design to avoid stitching the pocket closed. I have been embroidering for years, and this happens occasionally. There is no use crying over spilled milk; you just need to start again. 

When the design is completed, remove the hoop from the bag. Tear away the excess stabilizer backing from the shave kit. This design can easily be embroidered in a variety of color combinations.

These are two of my favorite easy Christmas embroidery gift ideas that can be made for anyone in your life. They are so much fun to create, and having a truly personalized gift is lovely. Don’t forget to tag us on social media with your beautiful Christmas gifts.  We can’t wait to see your creations. 

Rachel Keeling

Rachel Keeling

Hi, I’m Rachel Keeling, a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur. After retiring from teaching, I’ve become passionate about bringing you elegance with traditional style. Both of my parents were craftsmen and taught me to do my best quality work which transfers into my needlework. I enjoy creating timeless embroidery for my home and others. I’m looking forward to helping you expand your creative outlet with our designs.