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Customer Projects

Designs By JuJu will be featuring projects sent in by our customers!

  1. Project Inspiration - Mehndi Customer Projects

    set-1 Anyone else love our Mehndi design sets?? We just can’t get enough of these gorgeous designs that are perfect for customizing just about anything! We have so many amazing customer projects that have been sent in, that we decided to put a blog post together featuring some of our favorites! Continue reading →
  2. Project Inspiration - Easter Dresses

    designs-by-juju-the-last-time-font-easter-bunny-egg-applique-alphabet-copy Easter is one of our favorite times for projects. We know a lot of you are working on adorable outfits for your kids, grandchildren, and nieces & nephews, so we put together a blog post to show off adorable dresses that customers have sent in that we just can't get enough of! We hope this blog gives you some awesome inspiration. Happy Stitching :) Continue reading →
  3. Project Inspiration - Pink & Gray Roly Poly Elephants Quilts

    progress-roly-poly Here at Designs By JuJu, we love when customers send in their projects! Our Roly Poly Elephants Applique set seems to be a crowd favorite, so we had to put a blog post together with some of our favorite Roly Poly Elephant quilts. These quilts will give you some adorable inspiration & we hope you enjoy these customer projects as much as we do! Continue reading →
  4. Project Inspiration - Embossed Pumpkin Monogram Alphabet

    sept7_pumpkin Here at Designs By JuJu we are so excited for fall! We had to put together a blog post featuring some of our favorite Embossed Pumpkin Monogram Alphabet customer projects. We hope you enjoy these customer projects as much as we do! Continue reading →
  5. Customer Projects - Fun in the Ocean!

    crab-shell The beautiful sun has us thinking about the ocean and the beach and all the wonderful relaxing things the sun brings! We decided to look at different customer projects shared with us featuring the Fun in the Ocean design set! Continue reading →
  6. Customer Projects - Patriotic Inspiration

    All-american-applique-design-set-01 As we are all getting ready for our family BBQs and different get-togethers, finding time to plan the next project might be almost impossible! That’s why we decided to show you many different beautiful projects that you can get inspiration from quickly before finishing any last minute projects… Continue reading →
  7. Customer Projects - Cute Animals in Cars

    alligator-in-car How cute are these little critters in their whimsical vehicles? Your little one will love them! They come in an Applique or Filled version so you can use whichever works best for your project. Each cute design comes in 2 sizes (4x4 and 5x7). Continue reading →
  8. Customer Quilts - Ocean & Sea Inspiration

    cute-crabby Its warming up and now we’re all thinking about the beach! Don’t worry… We have plenty of sets for you to choose from! Continue reading →
  9. Customer Projects - Marvelous Mandalas

    Set 1 / Marvelous Mandalas Set 1 We have had so many customer projects shared with us featuring our Marvelous Mandalas Set 1 and Marvelous Mandalas Set 2 that we had to make a blog to share them with you! Continue reading →
  10. Customer Projects - Stuffed Animal Quilt Blocks

    banner Here is a seriously adorable set perfect for the little ones in your life! Our artist, Robert, has come up with 12 darling patchwork style stuffed animals. Alone, they are positively precious as applique. But we took it a step further. We added stippled backgrounds! Continue reading →
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