February is just around the corner and that means Valentine's Day will be here soon!  We wanted to show off some of our customer projects using one of our absolute favorite sets for Valentine's Day - our Mehndi Hearts! This set includes 10 stunning hearts done in "Mehndi" style and is the perfect set to add a "wow" factor to your Valentine's Day projects!

Shirt by Deborah

How beautiful is this shirt by Deborah?? We love the colors she chose, they match the pattern on the fabric perfectly! Anyone would be lucky to have a shirt like this added to their closet. Beautiful job, Deborah!

Magnets by Joan

How fun is this project?? Joan did such a great job making these adorable little heart magnets with our Mehndi Hearts.  These magnets would look extra cute in your home for Valentine's Day, but they're so pretty that we would probably leave ours up all year 'round! Nice job, Joan. :)

Supply Holder by Margie

This supply holder by Margie is so creative! What a great way to keep all of your supplies organized at your workstation. The bright-colored threads she chose look great in the designs! Beautiful job, Margie. :)

Hat by Pamela

How cute is this hat Pamela made?  We love the bright color choice & how well the mehndi heart pops on the pink background. This would be great to wear for Valentine's Day or any day of the year! Nice job, Pamela.

Quilt by Teresa

This quilt by Teresa is absolutely stunning! The simple, white grid was a great choice to let the intricate details in the mehndi hearts really stand out nicely. The color choices are just perfect! Great job Teresa :)

Send us your Projects

We can't wait to see what you've been working on. If you have a recent project you are proud of, please send us a picture or two! To submit projects for our showcase, or if you have any questions, please email: projects@designsbyjuju.com.

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