Why doesn't my embroidery design match the color chart sequence?

It is very important that you become proficient in the embroidery software that you use. Some embroidery editing programs, such as Premier+, Pfaff Creative and Mysewnet, have an automatic feature checked by default to "color sort" your designs in an effort to be more "efficient". This can come in handy for your work... at times. This is NOT a good idea when you have purchased quality, manually digitized embroidery designs such as ours. Why? We digitize and path our designs in a particular sequence ON PURPOSE for efficiency, stitch count, and sequence.

EXAMPLE: The color "red" may be used more than one time in your design. The color sort feature may group all the reds together in one step. You do NOT want the "reds" grouped together because one part may need to stitch AFTER other parts. "Color sorting" can potentially mess up your sequence of purchased designs. This is especially true with applique designs and In-the-Hoop project files.

If you are scratching your head wondering why the design sequence on your machine does NOT match our instructions, it's likely that it was brought through a software program such as this that had this feature checked.

When you open your design in your software, PRIOR to exporting the design to stitch on your machine, please make sure that any "color sort" feature is UNchecked. You will also want to make sure "remove overlaps" is UNchecked as well because that could break important placement/tackdown lines that are under a satin stitch for instance.

Here is a screenshot for the Premier software:

Color Sort

Please note, as agreed to in our terms and conditions:
All designs are test stitched prior to being listed for sale and are guaranteed in the sizes we have provided. We do not guarantee your stitch out for designs that have been resized, edited, merged or brought through software programs that may alter the settings of the design. (Example: software programs that color sort (change the stitch sequence) by default, remove overlaps, etc.) Our designs are MANUALLY digitized for efficiency, stitch count, and sequence. If you choose to use embroidery editing software to open, edit, merge and export a design, it is YOUR responsibility to know your software. We are unable to provide support for your software should a problem arise due to too many variables in all of the software programs.

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