Why do I have to log into an account to add items to my cart?

Our site has a wonderful feature: it will not allow you to purchase the same product twice! In order to prevent you from buying something again, you must be logged into your account prior to shopping.

If it is your first time on our website, click the "Create an Account" link. If you have purchased in the past, click the "Sign In" link. These links will appear in the top right corner of our website.

Once logged into your account, when you view a product (whether in a category or search results) the "Add to Cart" button will say "Purchased" for items in your order history.

It will also say "Purchased" on the design page:

If you click the "Purchased" button, you will be taken directly to the download page for the order where you purchased the design, making it easy to download again if needed!


  • If you have ordered designs in the past under an additional account created with a different email address, this feature will not work. The "purchased" link only appears for designs ordered on the account you are currently logged into. If you have multiple accounts and would like to combine them into one, please contact support for assistance, providing all relevant email addresses, specifying which one should be use for all future orders.
  • This feature will only work for designs purchased on THIS website (designsbyjuju.com). Through the years we have acquired the design inventories of several other companies. If you had purchased designs directly from those websites (The Itch 2 Stitch, Munchkym, Milly Melly, Stitch Away, etc) your customer records from those companies did NOT transfer to your account on Designs by JuJu. You will need to consult your downloads or invoices before purchasing since you will not get an alert.
    The Itch 2 Stitch products have an item number/SKU starting with: I2S_
    Munchkym Designs have an item number/SKU starting with: DBJJ_MD
    Milly Melly Designs have an item number/SKU starting with: DBJJ_MMD
    Stitch Away Applique Designs have an item number/SKU starting with: DBJJSA
  • To assist you with record keeping, we have a check list available for all Itch 2 Stitch designs that you can download and track what you already own. It is available as an Excel file that you can update digitally or a PDF that you can print and manually check off. If you had purchased a set of designs, be sure to check off all of the individual listings associated with that set as well. You can request this by contacting support.
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