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What thread brand is used on your color charts?

The primary purpose of a color chart is to show you which part of the design is stitched at each color stop. Many of our design files are applique designs or ITH projects, so your thread choice will depend on the fabric you use. The same philosophy holds with our embroidery designs - it is NOT imperative that you use the exact same thread colors on the chart. In fact, when we stitch samples we rarely follow it exactly ourselves! The beauty of custom embroidery is getting to create a unique project with the threads you already own.

Over the years, we have used a few different thread brands when generating color charts. The majority of our earlier designs were digitized with Robison-Anton, but there are also quite a few that were digitized with Madeira. Any color charts for design sets released after DBJJ096 that contain thread numbers will be for Robison Anton Super Bright Polyester OR Floriani Polyester. We have started using Floriani more consistently recently, so the newer designs are digitized with just Floriani thread charts. 

If you have purchased designs that we acquired from other companies (The Itch 2 Stitch, DigiStitches, Milly Melly and Munckym) we do not have record of what thread brand was used when they created their color charts.

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