What is the fastest way to redownload one particular product?

Have you purchased hundreds of products and can't remember when you bought something in particular that you need to redownload? There's a fast way to find it! First, log into your account.

If you know the exact item title for the product you want, go to that product page. The "Add to Cart" button will actually read "Purchased". Clicking that will take you to the exact order on your account!

previously purchase

If you don't know the exact item title, you can click "My Downloads" at the top of the screen and use the Filtering bar to search your downloads by product name or SKU. For example, when I type the word "embossed" only items that include "Embossed" in the product title are shown, everything else is filtered out:

filter downloads

Once you've found the item, click the Pink "Download" button. You can choose the "All Formats" option or just your preferred format for a smaller/quicker download.

download your format

Now you are ready to stitch! 

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