We can’t believe 2017 is coming to an end! This has been such an amazing year, because of you, so we decided look back at the top sets of 2017. The top five favorites in 2017 are so gorgeous, and perfect for customizing towels, table runners & more. Happy Stitching!

#5 - Marvelous Mandala Monogram Frames


Our Mandala Monogram Frames ranked as #5! This set was a special request from customers, so we had to create it! There are 8 beautiful Mandalas in this set, and they are perfect for just about anything!

Marvelous Mandala Monogram Frames Stitched Out


#4 - Sewing Sayings


Our Sewing Sayings sets feature 18 trendy sewing "sayings" for those who love to stitch their heart out! This set came in at #4 in our top 5 sets, and it's perfect for those who love to burn the midnight oil!

Sewing Sayings Stitched Out


#3 - Kitchen Word Art


Our Kitchen Word Art coming in at #3 in the top 5 sets! This features 12 super cute kitchen themed word art designs. This set is perfect for towels, pot holders, aprons and more!

Kitchen Word Art Stitched Out


#2 - Marvelous Mandalas


Our Marvelous Mandalas made it to second place! There are 8 exquisite, bright and colorful mandala designs in this design set!

Marvelous Mandalas Stitched Out



#1 - Swirly Hearts


And finally, our #1 set, our Swirly Hearts set! We're not surprised this is the #1 set because this is one of our favorite sets too! Our team loves using this gorgeous set to customize projects, because it's so adorable.

Hearts are a way for us to show our love, so of course this is the #1 set of 2017, because who isn't trying to show their love? We released this set to show off your love in a fashionable way - and that's just what this gorgeous set does!

This gorgeous set has 8 beautiful and whimsical hearts with swirls and curls. If you don't already have this set, it's perfect for Valentines Day or really any day... Our team loves customizing towels, table runners, t-shirts & more with this set - You can customize just about anything with this cute set!

This gorgeous set was designed exclusively for Designs By JuJu and four sizes are included: 4x4 5x7 6x10 and 8x8

P.S. Make sure to send us your projects featuring our Swirly Hearts set!

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