It's the moment you've all been waiting for... It's time to reveal the top 5 most-downloaded sets & designs of 2021!

Thank you so much for all of the support everyone has shown Designs By JuJu this year! It means the world to us to see so many people loving our designs. We can’t wait to see which sets and designs turn out to be your favorites in 2022!

#5 - Hearts and Loops End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design

We absolutely love our Hearts and Loops End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design which came in at #5. We can't get enough of the customer projects we see that use this design. The quilts that our customers make always look so beautiful!

#4 - In The Hoop Snowman Table Runner

Next up at #4 was our In The Hoop Snowman Table Runner design! This design wasn't released until the end of the year but it quickly shot up to the top of our best sellers list! This table runner is the perfect addition to any holiday table setting, adding an adorable touch to your holiday decorating. We are over the moon that our customers are loving this design just as much as we do!

#3 - Free Standing Lace Bookmarks

Taking the bronze medal are our beautiful Free Standing Lace Bookmarks 1 and Free Standing Lace Bookmarks 2 sets. We knew these sets would pop up somewhere on our 2021 list because we’ve seen so many wonderful projects from our customers that use these designs! We actually have 4 sets of bookmarks available on our site, each one with 4 unique designs that stitch out beautifully. These sets are perfect for the bookworm in your life and would make a perfect gift!

#2 - Big Stipple End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design

Our Big Stipple End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design took the silver medal this year! Our customers have been loving this design for their quilting projects and we couldn't be happier! It's such a cute design that will add a fun element to any quilt.

#1 - Bubbles End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design

And finally (drumroll please...) the design that customers loved the MOST in 2021 was our... Bubbles End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design!! The perfect addition to add a little something extra to your next quilt.

We knew when we launched our End-to-End Quilting Designs they would be a hit and we are so excited to see so many of them on our Top Designs list for 2021!

We love seeing all of the different projects our customers create & share using our designs, we're looking forward to seeing even more in 2022. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

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Hearts and Loops End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design
In The Hoop Snowman Table Runner
Free Standing Lace Bookmarks 1
Free Standing Lace Bookmarks 2
Big Stipple End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design
Bubbles End-to-End Quilting™️ Embroidery Design