Calling all quilters! We found your new favorite set... Our Stuffed Animals Applique and Quilt Blocks! Don't believe us?? Keep reading to see some of our favorite customer submissions using this adorable set...

Quilt by Nina

We can’t get over how precious this quilt Nina made is! The personalization with the Stuffed Animals Applique and Quilt Blocks is so perfect and will be cherished forever. :)

Quilt by Claire

How cute is this quilt Claire made? We love the quilt pattern and colors she chose to use! Each Stuffed Animal Applique and Quilt Block is so adorably cute with the patterns she chose. We seriously can't get over how amazing this quilt turned out!

Quilt by Lorna

This quilt Lorna made is so fun! We love how she was able to incorporate all of the stuffed animals from our Stuffed Animals Applique and Quilt Blocks set. Great job Lorna :)

Quilt by Wendy

How lovely is this quilt Wendy made with our Stuffed Animals Applique and Quilt Blocks?? We can't get over the how precious the message in the corner is too :)  Carmen is one lucky and loved little boy!

Quilt by Amy

This quilt Amy made came out so beautifully! We love how she incorporated such a fun pattern throughout the quilt. Any little one would love to snuggle up with these Stuffed Animals Applique and Quilt Blocks :) Great job, Amy!

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