Seeing our customers making gorgeous fabric baskets always makes us so happy! It’s amazing to see all of the creative ways our customers make their fabric baskets unique. If you’re planning on making your own fabric basket, keep reading to get some inspiration from our favorite projects that were shared recently in our Embroidery Blessings Facebook Group

Fabric Basket by Joy

How gorgeous is this fabric basket that Joy created for one of her customers?? We absolutely love the spring theme she chose for this basket! The striped floral fabric she used for the inside of the basket pairs perfectly with the fabric she chose for the outside of the basket. Plus, she embroidered one of the beautiful designs from our Spring Flowers Word Art set onto the front of the basket, which was the perfect addition to this spring-themed project. Amazing job, Joy!

Fabric Basket by Patti

We love, love, love this fabric basket Patti made using our Floral Swag Birth Announcement! The first detail we noticed when we saw this project was how beautifully the Birth Announcement stitched out onto the front of the basket. Plus, we love all of the bright pastel fabrics she chose to use in the design. She even used a floral patterned fabric inside the basket to match the Birth Announcement on the outside! Wonderful job, Patti, thank you for sharing.

Fabric Basket by Dianna

The final fabric basket we have to feature is this wonderful baby-themed basket from Dianna! We were absolutely blown away when we saw this project because Dianna decided to take a slightly different approach when she made this fabric basket. Instead of embroidering the outside of the basket, she chose to quilt it using our Nursery 3 End-to-End Quilting Embroidery Design. How creative is that?? We also love how she used a precious baby-themed fabric for the inside of the basket to complement our design on the outside. Incredible job, Dianna!

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