Believe it or not, some of our favorite projects to see our customers make are shirts! There's something so special about knowing that you're able to wear and show off your beautiful projects, as well as capture something personal and meaningful. These are also fun projects to try out if you are early on in your embroidery journey and want to test out your machine on new fabrics. Let's dive right in and see some fun and inventive shirts our customers have made...

Sweatshirt by Cristin

Cristin stitched up this flower design and it is stunning! The leaves look stunning with the pink flowers peeking through. Plus, we can't get enough of the rhinestone additions! They add so much personality to the project. Cristin used our Wildflower Sayings 1 for this project. Amazing work!

Shirts by Dee

Dee is suiting up with the CUTEST custom shirts to see her grandkids! This plaid stitching is lovely and the blue, greens, and pinks go so well with the shirt's base color. This is the perfect way to personalize a project and it is so special. Dee used our Simply Plaid Alphabet for this project – Thank you for sharing!

Shirt by Ann

How lovely is this shirt that Ann made?? The vibrant thread colors she used pop so well against the dark gray fabric. Plus, we love the message behind this design. Ann used our Wildflower Sayings 2 for this project – Great work here!

Shirt by Sharon

Sharon is gifting this tractor tee to her 2-year-old great-nephew! This is the PERFECT gift and the green stitching looks fantastic. The whole family is going to love this one! Sharon used our Fun On The Farm 2 for this project – Thank you so much for sharing!

Shirt by GB

How creative is this? GB's niece had a shirt with an unwanted logo, so she used one of our adorable gnome designs to cover it up! Who doesn't LOVE a gnome?? This design is such a cute addition to the shirt and the pastel colors on the flowers and hat are so fun. This may be the perfect shirt to wear while working in the garden. GB used our Spring Garden Gnome 1 for this project – Amazing job on this!

We can't wait to see what you've been working on. If you have a recent project you are proud of, please send us a picture or two! To submit projects for our showcase, or if you have any questions, please email: [email protected].

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