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Customer Projects

Designs By JuJu will be featuring projects sent in by our customers!

  1. Customer Projects: Vintage Sketch Mason Jars

    Our customers have been LOVING our Vintage Sketch Mason Flowers set! The flowers have such a beautiful, timeless look that we love too. Customers have been sending in a ton of beautiful projects using these designs so we had to put together a blog post to show some of them off! Continue reading →
  2. Customer Projects: Monogrammed Pieces

    Spending some more time at home means you  have time to make some cute upgrades around the house! Monograms are classy, beautiful, and instantly add a personal touch to your projects around the house. So many of you make lovely projects with our monograms, so we picked a few to show off in this blog. Enjoy! Continue reading →
  3. Customer Projects: Cute Umbrella Critters

    One of our most popular sets is our adorable Cute Umbrella Critters Applique! From quilts to towels to bags and more, our customers have made some amazing projects using these adorable critters. Keep reading to see some of the projects that they've shared with us :) Continue reading →
  4. Baby Blessings Quilt (Featured In Designs In Machine Embroidery Magazine!)

    How amazing is this?? One of our amazing customers made this quilt using our Baby Blessings Sets 1-6, and her quilt was featured in Designs In Machine Embroidery magazine!! The quilt turned out beautifully so it's no wonder they wanted to use it as the cover. :) We love seeing all of the beautiful projects that our customers create.  Everyone...
  5. Customer Projects: Kitchen Towels

    Kitchen towels at home feeling like they could use an upgrade? Grab some inspiration from some of our favorite customer projects featuring kitchen towels! From using monograms to word art and our abundance of appliques, you'll be sure to get the itch to start making something fun & unique to use while you cook at home ❤️ Continue reading →
  6. Customer Projects - Beautiful Quilts

    Stuck at home & needing something fun to occupy your time?? You've come to the right place! :) We are so excited to show off these amazing quilts made by some of our customers! Continue reading →
  7. Customer Projects - Elephant Sets

    We are in love with our Elephant Sets and we know you are, too! We’ve gotten SO many customer project photos sent to us using these adorable sets in all different ways, so we just had to give them a spotlight on our blog to show off all of the amazing projects being made! :) Continue reading →
  8. Cute Dog Softie: The Perfect Thoughtful Gift

    Remember having a stuffed animal you always carried around when you were little? That's what we hope our Cute Dog Softie can be for that special little someone in your life! You can make these even more special by personalizing with colors, patterns, and different fabrics. We love what these ladies chose in this blog, but don't forget, send your photos to [email protected] so we can see your work, too! :) Continue reading →
  9. Customer Projects: Teacher Gifts

    Looking for some creative teacher gift ideas?? Some of our customers recently sent in some of their projects that they have been working on and we loved them all so much so we had to share! We hope they give you as much project inspiration as they did for us, Happy Stitching :) Continue reading →
  10. Customer Projects: Beach Sets

    Who else loves summer as much as we do?? The sunshine, the green grass, the beach!! We love all of it.  Especially our collection of summer sets & designs on our site. We LOVE seeing all of the creative projects our customers put together using our adorable summer sets & designs. Here's some of our recent favorites! :) Continue reading →
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