Design Spotlight – Adorn Duo Ornamental Monogram

At Designs By JuJu, we love the Adorn Ornamental Monograms. There are three designs in the series; they are Adorn Ornamental Monogram,  Adorn Duo Monogram, and Adorn Trio Monogram. This blog post will be featuring the Adorn Duo Monogram, but stay tuned for a blog featuring the Adorn Trio! Banner / Adorn Duo Monogram

About the Adorn Duo Ornamental Monogram

Baskets / Adorn Duo Monogram If you liked our Adorn Ornamental Monogram,  you will fall in love with this two letter version! The Adorn Series are absolutely stunning monograms comprised of swirls, swashes and dots. Because of this, these monograms are wonderful as a one or two color monograms. Every letter is completely unique, then they come together to form a beautiful, two letter monogram. You can see these adorable Easter bags personalized with the Adorn Duo monogram. This can add a special touch to any gift. This customer project was submitted by Elizabeth.

Embellish your Home!

Photo 2 / Adorn Duo Monogram We always recommend monogramming towels! Why? They look amazing, AND they are a great way to bring something beautiful into your everyday life. You use towels every day, so they should be stunning. Embroidered towels can be a gifts for all occasions! So make a towel for somebody heading off to college, getting married, or having a baby. This Customer Project was submitted by Iris Jimenez Luis.

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