burp-cloth-fb-roly-poly Our adorable Roly Poly Elephants Applique is the one of our favorite sets at Designs By JuJu, and it also happens to be a customer favorite! Our customers send in some of the most gorgeous quilts using these adorable elephants, so we had to put a blog post together to show some of them off. We hope this blog post helps kick start your next quilting adventure! :)

Quilt By Irene

quilt_irene We love the way this beautiful quilt turned out by Irene! We really love the way she mixed and matched different patterns on the quilt to make each of the Roly Poly Elephants one of a kind. Thank you for sending in a photo of your quilt, Irene!

Quilt By Carol

quilt-carol-perry This quilt by Carol is too cute! We really love the bright colors she chose for the Roly Poly Elephants & the borders, and especially how they contrast with rest of the quilt. Thanks for sending in a photo of your quilt, Carol! It stitched out beautifully. :)

Quilt By Devika

quilt-devika-wignarajah-1 We can’t get enough of this gorgeous quilt that Devika sent in! We love the color scheme she used, it complements the Roly Poly Elephants so well. Thanks for sending in this gorgeous quilt, Devika!

Quilt By Jeannie

quilt-jeanniewashburnnutter This Roly Poly quilt by Jeannie is the perfect baby shower gift for a little girl! We love the pinks and greys she used to make this a one-of-a-kind piece. Our Roly Poly Elephants look so cute on it!! Thank you for sending in this adorable quilt, Jeannie!

Quilt By Liliana

quilt-liliana-santos We’re loving this quilt Liliana sent in. The color combo is so sweet, and it is giving us some serious baby project inspiration!! We're loving the pink polka dot ears on the Roly Poly Elephants. Thanks for sending in this beautiful quilt, Liliana! :)

Quilt By Mary

quilt-mary-nichols Aw! This quilt Mary made using our Roly Poly Elephants set turned out so beautifully! We love the yellows and greys together, especially for a baby boy.   Thanks for sending this adorable Roly Poly Elephants quilt, Mary!

Quilt By Terri

quilt-terri-dawes How cute is this quilt Terri made using our Roly Poly Elephants Applique?? We love all of the different prints she matched, as well as the unique placement of the elephants! Thanks for sending in this quilt, Terri! It’s seriously too cute. :)

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We can't wait to see what you've been working on. If you have a recent project you are proud of, please send us a picture or two! To submit projects for our showcase, or if you have any questions, please email: [email protected].

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