10688209_10152750386979407_5323617391755441958_o Did you know we have almost 100 FREE Bible Verses available for instant download on our website? We offer favorite Bible verses in multi-format files for download… always free for you to enjoy and put on your projects. Happy Stitching! :)

Quilt by Renae

quilt-renae-jackson We love the way this quilt Renae made using our Free Bible Verses turned out. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous quilt with us, Renae. A word from Renae:
"Well I haven't finished a big quilt yet because I keep using my verses on other projects. Here is a quilt throw I gifted to a lady undergoing chemo treatments. Made with your Bible verse designs. I figure my quilt can wait. Thank you again for your designs. God Bless you."

Bible Verse Totes by Terry

bible-verse-totes We love the way these Bible Verse Totes turned out! These would be perfect to gift or donate to just about anyone. We hope these gorgeous totes give you some inspiration to make something with our Free Bible Verses.

Pillow by Renae

pillow-serenity-freebie-renae-jackson This pillow by Renae is gorgeous! We hope this gorgeous pillow Renae made gives you some inspiration for your next project using our Free Bible Verses. Thanks for sending in this photo Renae! :)

Wall Hanging by Yvonne

wall_hanging_hebrews6_19 Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring project Yvonne. We are so glad we could be a part of the gift you gave to your Pastor's wife ❤️ A few words from Yvonne:
"Dear Julie, I just finished this wall hanging for my Pastor's wife who is very ill at this time. I love this scripture and hope it will be an encouragement to her. Thank you for your wonderful designs!"

Blankets by Kristi

blankets-kristi A few words from Kristi:
“I downloaded 1 Samuel 1:27 as a free pattern Saturday morning and by Sunday morning I was taking 8 flannel baby blankets to donate at church for the Pregnancy Crisis Center. They were a big hit! I am going to try and make more before Christmas and maybe keep making them to donate throughout the year. Thank you for the quick and easy design!”
Wow, what an amazing way to use our Free Bible Verses, Kristi! Thank you for sharing this story with us, it means so much that you are paying it forward with these blankets.

Towels by Linda

towels-linda-kettle We love the way these towels turned out! What a great idea to use our Free Bible Verses and turn them into Christmas gifts. A few words from Linda:
“Thank you for the Free Bible Verses... I put them on hand towels for Christmas Gifts. Inspirational.”

Pillow by Amber

pillow-amber Wow, we love this! We are so glad the pillow you created using our Free bible verses makes your nephew feel safe. A few words from Amber:
“Thanks for the free bible verse. I made my nephew a pillow with it, and my sister said he asks for it when he's scared. She snapped this the other night after they prayed this verse together. He doesn't care about the puckers, or the loops, or that it's not perfectly centered...he only cares about the feeling of safety he gets when he holds God's word close. Thanks again!!”

Quilt by Darla

quilt-darla-wolf02 Thank you for sharing this story with us, Darla. We are so glad that you could make a throw blanket for your friend using our Free Bible Verses. A few words from Darla:
“I wanted to thank you for the free scripture verses. What a blessing! I have many of your designs and have used them on mostly children's and baby items. But, the scripture verses were just what I needed for my friend. She received a diagnosis of a rare brain tumor in April, has now been through chemo and radiation and in rehab. She has gone from on her own to not being able to move, eat, or talk. She hears and communicates with her eyes and is able to feel things on her skin. I made her a minky throw/blanket with bright colors and scripture verses. You see, she has the most beautiful heart full of Jesus love and peace. She can now still have scripture to read and to share! Thank you for your generosity!”

Quilt by Dlordgray

quilt-dlordgray What a beautiful quilt! This would be such a beautiful gift for a baby. We hope this gorgeous quilt gives you some inspiration to create something using our Free Bible Verses!

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