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  1. Applique RTW Toturial

    Applique RTW Toturial
    This week we are pleased to have Nicole Scott from "Cole's Corner and Creations" with a great guest post! I LOVED her tutorial on applique'ing ready to wear t shirts so much that I asked her to do one for us. Enjoy! Check out her website and follow on Facebook! Continue reading →
  2. Choosing Thread Colors for Applique

    Choosing Thread Colors for Applique
    Much like a paint palette, digitizers use certain thread libraries when creating embroidery designs. Some are chosen because of the thread brand. Others are chosen as a default in the digitizing program that created them. Either way, thread stitch out charts are not necessarily like paint-by-number boards; you may choose another color if it is more to your liking or matches your fabric better. Continue reading →
  3. Choosing Fabrics for Applique

    Choosing Fabrics for Applique
    Fabrics make or break applique designs. One thing that makes applique so much fun is that it is easy to change just by using different fabrics. Continue reading →
  4. How to Get BX Files for Designs by JuJu Fonts You Purchased in the Past

    How to Get BX Files for Designs by JuJu Fonts You Purchased in the Past
    All fonts on Designs by JuJu now have BX files included, allowing you to use them like keyboard fonts in programs such as Embrilliance. So, even if you have purchased fonts in the past, you can download them again to get the BX files free! You can download files you have ordered any time, day or night. Click on ACCOUNT and log into your account. Continue reading →
  5. What Design Files Can I Use in my Machine?

    What Design Files Can I Use in my Machine?
    PES. VP3. XXX. What do they all mean? Every embroidery machine brand supports a particular design format characterized by different three-letter file extensions. Even though you get nearly a dozen file formats with every Designs by JuJu embroidery design download, it is important to know which of them works with your machine. Continue reading →
  6. How to Organize Embroidery Machine Designs

    How to Organize Embroidery Machine Designs
    It doesn’t matter how many embroidery designs you have if you can’t find them. Organizing them is not difficult. Think of your computer’s hard drive as a filing cabinet and store designs in one main folder on your computer that contains sub folders for various categories. Organize your embroidery machine files how they best make sense to you by adapting the following suggestions to your own needs. Continue reading →
  7. Stabilizer Overview

    Stabilizer Overview
    Choosing the correct stabilizer for the project is one of the most challenging tasks of both new and experienced embroiderers. Start with the following suggestions but use what works for you. Keep an embroidery journal of your projects and always do a test stitch to see how the fabric, stabilizer, and embroidery design work together. Continue reading →
  8. How to Download Designs from

    How to Download Designs from
    Browse the site by design category, technique, and theme. Select your designs by clicking on the add to basket button under the image of each design. Continue reading →
  9. What is Applique?

    What is Applique?
    If you can follow directions, change thread, and trim fabric, you can create beautiful applique! Applique may look difficult, but Designs by JuJu has done all of the hard work for you. This site has some of the most adorable applique designs I have ever stitched so, truly, the most difficult part is choosing which design to stitch next! The word applique means “to place upon.” Everywhere an embroidery design features applique, you will need to place a piece of fabric that will be attached to the hooped base fabric. Continue reading →
  10. Basic Applique Tutorial: Sock Monkey Alphabet

    Basic Applique Tutorial: Sock Monkey Alphabet
    One of the best features of computerized machine embroidery is that even novices can easily create beautiful applique the first time out. What once would have taken days to create by hand can now be stitched by machine in minutes with a few easy-to-follow steps. Applique is the process of applying layers of fabric on top of a base fabric(s). Before you begin, Gather base fabric and coordinating applique fabrics. Scraps work well for applique pieces. Iron the base fabric and all applique fabrics. Some people find it helpful to use a spray starch or ironing spray for added crispness. Continue reading →

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