So you’ve decided to make a busy book for your little loved one? CONGRATULATIONS! This is a labor of love and an heirloom that will bring your little one hours of enjoyment. My grandson is just over 2 ½ and he LOVES his! What is a “busy book”? A busy book aka quiet book is typically made from felt or fabric pages and feature interactive activities and games for the child to engage in. Popular quiet book page activities include zippers, buttons, snaps, color matching, shape matching, counting, and tying a bow. You may have seen our “Farm Fun Busy Books”. We have one for boys and one for girls and the set includes all of the pages for a complete book. In November 2020, we also released another set for the 5x7 hoop only and includes all of the pages for both boy and girl. Farm Fun Busy Book Set 1 Includes three sizes: 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 pages Farm Fun Busy Book Set 2 Includes three sizes: 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 pages 5x7 Farm Busy Books Boy and Girl This month, November 2020, after MANY months of planning and designing, we are thrilled to bring to you individual “Build a Busy Book Pages” Now you can create your own one of a kind Busy Book! Not only that, but you can change up the book with a lot of different options! How you ask??? Well, let me tell you how. All of the new Busy Book Pages and Covers are designed so the pages can be swapped out for other pages. This will allow for an ever-changing book to keep your child’s interest. To accomplish this, we have created blank page backs (one side with a pocket) where a Busy Book Add On Activity can be added to the backs of 2 Page Deluxe Designs. With this layout, you can change the front and back covers, or any Pages in the book without worrying about taking out an activity or page that you want to leave in. To help you get started, and figure out what you’ll need to create your busy book, I’ve written this article. Every busy book page set includes a PDF of supply and resource links. I’ve also listed links at the end of this article to supplies and resources. We’ve just released 24 busy book products. Here is what you’ll need for a complete book. 1. CHOOSE A COVER There are FOUR cover options available. Two for boys and two for girls. This set will include your front and back cover. For your convenience, I’ve linked each photo below to the product page where it can be purchased. Busy Book Cover 1 busy-book-cover-1-pic busy-book-cover-1-back-pic Busy Book Cover 2 busy-book-cover-2-pic busy-book-cover-back-2-pic Busy Book Cover 3 busy-book-cover-3-pic busy-book-cover-back-3-pic Busy Book Cover 4 busy-book-cover-4-pic busy-book-back-cover-4-pic 2. CHOOSE 2-3 DELUXE SETS If you are using 2-inch rings, you’ll want TWO deluxe page sets. If you are using 3-inch rings, you can choose up to THREE deluxe page sets. We have TEN different page sets to choose from. You can make many and swap them out to keep your little interested! A “2 Page Deluxe Design” is a set of 2 pages that will go side by side in the Busy Book. They come with all the parts to the set that your child will need to use to complete each page. Each set comes with backs (blank pocket page) that are to be used for the Add On Activities. They will be attached on the underside of the hoop after the front of the page is stitched completely out. All steps and instructions will be included. For your convenience, I’ve linked each photo below to the product page where it can be purchased.
birdhouse-pic Birdhouse Deluxe Set coloring-crayon-pic Crayon Color Match Deluxe Set
cookie-counting-pic Cookie Counting Deluxe Set fishbowl-pic Fishbowl Deluxe Set
fruit-tree-pic Fruit Tree Deluxe Set lace-buckle-tie-pic Lace Buckle Deluxe Set
shapes-pic Shape Match Deluxe Set space-pic Space Deluxe Set
tool-box-pic Toolbox Deluxe Set under-the-sea-pic Under The Sea Deluxe Set

blank A “blank pocket page” is included with every deluxe set.

3. CHOOSE 3 OR 5 “ADD ON ACTIVITIES” depending on what size book you are making. If you are using 2-inch rings, you’ll want THREE add on activities. If you are using 3-inch rings you may want FIVE add on activities. A “Busy Book Add on Activity” means there is no page to go with it. These types of design sets are meant to be used on the backs of the “2 Page Deluxe Designs”. The parts can be placed for storage in the pocket on the left page, and then can be assembled on the blank right page next to it kind of like a puzzle. The tutorials include suggestions to make some parts more than once in different colors to give your child more options. There are TEN different “add on activity” sets for you to choose from! For your convenience, I’ve linked each photo below to the product page where it can be purchased. banana-split-add-on-pic

Banana Split Add On

build-a-bug-1-add-on-pic build-a-bug-2-add-on-pic

Build a Bug Add On

build-a-house-add-on-pic Build a House Add On bunny-add-on-pic Build a Bunny Add On
castle-add-on-pic Castle Add On christmas-tree-add-on-pic Christmas Tree Add On
santa-face-pic Santa Add On snowman-add-on-pic Snowman Add On
truck-add-on-pic Truck Add On unicorn-add-on-pic Unicorn Add On
Now that you’ve chosen all of your pages, it’s time to get to work! If you desire, you can customize your own covers using software such as EMBRILLIANCE ESSENTIALS. We highly recommend Embrilliance Essentials software for maximum versatility in planning your projects. It’s super intuitive, easy to use, offers great customer support, and the most exciting part is that you can use any of our HUNDREDS of available embroidery fonts in BX format to easily type out names, words and phrases! We have several videos on Embrilliance Essentials on our YouTube Channel as well! image13


To further assist you, we’ve compiled a list of links to resources to gather your supplies for your very own busy book!

**the following links are for your convenience. They are affiliate links and therefore Designs by JuJu LLC receives a small commission from items purchased with these links.



We use “craft felt”. This is widely available. Please check sizes. If you are doing an 8x8…you’ll want sheets that are larger than 8x12. Also check, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Walmart, Michael’s etc. That said, we have found the following felts with a “1 mm” thickness to be of much higher quality than the cheaper craft felt at the craft stores.

image14 8x8 squares image15 8x12
image16 12x12 We use a lot of fabric from image17 sheets are 9x12
image18 8x12 image19 9x12


We like 2-inch or 3-inch binder rings. These are for assembling your book.

2inch 2 inch 3inch 3 inch


stabilizer1 stabilizer2

Heat n Bond Lite


Heat n Bond Lite


Items used in various busy book pages

buckles Buckles for Lace and Buckle Deluxe Set zippers Zippers for Monster Count Deluxe Set
snaps (optional) snaps for back of felt pieces gauge8 Guage 8 marine vinyl for blank pocket pages, fishbowl etc
hookandloop (optional) hook and loop dots for back of felt pieces buttons Buttons for Shape Match Deluxe Set
glitter Glitter vinyl (used for some pieces…optional) screen-shot-2020-10-28-at-1-44-24-pm Shoelaces for lace and buckle deluxe set

loopstrips Hook and loop tape for back of felt pieces (optional)

That’s it!! We hope you have loads of fun creating your special gift for your little ones!

Please share photos of your creation with us!

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