ava-jeanette-hurdle / vacationWhether you are going on vacation or just wishing you were, we have many sets to celebrate different types of vacations. We will share 3 different sets with you today! Customer Project Submitted By: Ava Jeanette Hurdle

The Stix Family Safari

Stix Family Safari / Vacation Stix Family Safari / Vacation The Stix family went on an adventure and met so many adorable stix animals! These darling wild stix animals are fun and quick to stitch. This design is one of our Designs By JuJu Exclusive sets (so you can only get it here!) So if you plan to go on an adventure (or the zoo) this is the design set for you!  

Customer Project: Hilary Marais Customer Project: Hilary Marais / Vacation

Lake Side Sayings

ava-jeanette-hurdle / vacation This set is perfect for boaters, and lake-goers alike. There are 7 adorable word art designs. Two of these word art designs even have a small applique component! Customer Project Submitted By: Ava Jeanette Hurdle

Go Camping Applique

Customer Project: Karen Thiessen / Vacation This set has been HUGE for our camping friends. There are 19 camping designs perfect for your outdoor adventures. There are 4 sizes included:  4x4 hoop, 5x7 hoop, 6x10 hoop and 8x8 hoop. This design set is a Designs By JuJu Exclusive with artwork from the talented Christopher Brown! We have a some customer photos to share with you for this set... it was too hard to narrow down our favorites! Customer Project: Sue Meachem

Customer Project: Tami Johnson

One Last Set...

Tropiocal Santa - Vacation Tropical Santa / Vacation Christmas in July? Or just Christmas? Either way we had to include this adorable Tropical Santa set in our vacation blog! Santa needs a vacation every once in a while, and so do you!!

Send us your Projects

We think you should take a mini-vacation to the embroidery room so you can kick back and stitch!!  Then, when you finish your creation, please send us a video or photo. To submit photos for our showcase, please email: [email protected]

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The Stix Family Safari Lake Side Sayings Go Camping Applique Tropical Santa