Sometimes inspiration is a quote away... these two beautiful design sets Inspired Sayings Set 1 and Inspired Sayings Set 2 give plenty of wonderful sayings! These sets are both Designs By JuJu Exclusives.

Inspired Sayings Set 1

Photo 1 / Inspired Sayings Set 1 9 gorgeous and inspiring word art designs! These sayings are perfect for gifts, or to decorate your own home… “Today I Choose Joy” and “There is Always Something To Be Grateful For” are encouraging sayings that can be used for gifts for people who are going through a difficult time in their life... This set also features whimsical Sayings like “Explore, Dream, Discover”

Inspired Sayings Set 2

Photo 2 / Inspired Sayings Set 2 8 more gorgeous and inspiring word art designs! These beautiful designs feature sayings such as, “Be a Voice Not an Echo” and, “Color Outside the Lines”. If you fell in love with Inspired Sayings 1, you’re going to love this set too!! These sets are a MUST have! You can download them instantly to your computer!

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Inspired Sayings Set 1 Inspired Sayings Set 2