Hailey’s Quilted and Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book
Using Designs by JuJu’s Top Dogs Embroidery Design set and Simplicity Alphabet Font

Embroidered Fabric Doggie BookI’m thrilled to be joining you here again on Designs by JuJu’s website! I’ve always LOVED JuJu’s delightful designs and have used them extensively in my work. This quilted and embroidered doggie book is a sweet and simple project for any budding reader, boy or girl.

For this project, I used an assortment of Juju’s new Top Dogs embroidery/applique designs. Fabrics are from my stash and chosen for their bold and bright colours. Be sure and read through all the instructions prior to commencing. It will make the project much easier for youFinished Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book.


DBJJ - 14 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book









Shopping List for Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book:

Embroidery Designs: 

Eight Top Dogs applique designs
Simplicity font alphabet embroidery designs

Quilting cottons:

4 fat quarters (18"x22") in pink, yellow, green and orange – for book pages

2 fat quarters for book cover

Fabric scraps of multi-colours for appliques  *I used a dog paw print fabric as the book cover.

Quilt batt – Three pieces each measuring 12"x18"

Medium weight tearaway stabilizer – 1 yard

Embroidery thread, bobbin thread, all-purpose thread

Embroidery needle, sewing needles

Temporary fabric adhesive spray, (optiona)

Spray starch (optional)

Small, sharp scissors or appliqué scissors

Thimble, (optional)

Wire ribbon 33" in length


*I use Brother Embroidery thread for all my projects


DBJJ - 1 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book
Begin by cutting each of the four fat quarters (for eight fabric book pages) to measure 12"x18". Press.
(Each piece of 12"x18" fabric will make up two pages of the book and will have two appliqued and embroidered designs each centered on one-half of the fabric.)
Mark the center of each fabric piece by folding in half widthwise and finger press. Mark the center with a pencil.

DBJJ - 2- Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book






Fold in both sides to center, finger press and mark creases with a pencil. Open up left side and begin to embroider.







DBJJ - 3 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book Download your favourite eight top dog applique embroidery designs. (new design sets - DBJJ 826, 827 and 828) to your embroidery machine.

Using your machine’s medium sized hoop, center and hoop the first 12"x18" piece of fabric on the left hand side together with tearaway stabilizer. Place the hoop onto the machine and stitch out the embroidery design outline.

Remove hoop from machine. Cut a fabric scrap slightly larger than the outline stitch. Spray starch the right side of fabric scrap and press. Spray the wrong side of fabric scrap with temporary spray adhesive. Center and finger press fabric onto the outline stitching.
DBJJ - 4 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book


TIP:     Cover ironing board when using spray starch and fabric adhesive to prevent over spray.


TIP:     Temporary fabric adhesive often leaves behind a residue on the needle. It may be necessary to clean your embroidery machine needle as you go.




Replace the hoop onto the machine and embroider tacking stitches.

Remove hoop from the machine and carefully trim around the outline.

Place hoop back onto machine and finish embroidering the rest of the design.

DBJJ - 5 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

DBJJ - 6 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book








Remove fabric from hoop. Measure 1" from the top of the embroidery design, center and draw a straight line with a pencil.

Measure 1½" from bottom of the embroidery design and draw a straight line with a pencil.

Download the simplicity font letters needed, center on the pencil line, hoop the fabric again and stitch out. (For example, for the breed “dalmatian” embroider a capital D centered on the line above the dog applique and the word “dalmatian” on the line below the dog applique.)

Repeat these steps to applique design on the right hand side of the fabric page. DBJJ - 7 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

Repeat these steps to embroider six more dog applique designs on the three other fabric pages along with the first letter of the dogs’ breed and the name of the breed.


Trim around each fabric page to even.

Lay down a layer of quilt batt, 12"x18". Top with the first and second fabric pages with right sides together and pin through all three layers.

DBJJ - 9 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

DBJJ - 8 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book








Stitch ½" from the edge of fabric, around the perimeter, leaving a 10" opening at the top.

Cut off the corners as per photo.

DBJJ - 10 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

Turn fabric page to right side (which will enclose the layer of quilt batt inside).

Gently pull out the corners of the book page.

Turn the seams of the 10" opening under ½" and press.

Hand stitch the opening closed.


Repeat these steps one more time. Make the book’s cover in the same manner.
Stitch wire ribbon in place lengthwise on the book cover as per the photo. DBJJ - 11 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

Turn book cover over so wire ribbon side is face down.

Center and place both double-sided fabric pages on top of book cover.

Stitch down the center to secure the pages in your little book.

DBJJ - 12 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

Fold the book down the center and press in half.

Press all eight pages.

Voila! You have a child’s embroidered fabric doggie book with eight pages, featuring eight dog applique designs and a lovely cover.

Congratulations……well done!

DBJJ - 13 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

reading - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

Kim Hanson



Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book