Here at Designs By JuJu, we love dogs. So much so, that we previously released SEVEN sets featuring different dogs in applique! (View all Top Dog applique sets here.) The response was nothing short of amazing... Our customers couldn't get enough! As we began releasing more sets in vintage stitch these past few months, we began receiving requests to offer our famous Top Dogs in vintage stitch as well. So here they are, by popular demand, the first three Top Dog sets in vintage stitch!!

Top Dogs Vintage Set 1


We created 3 sets of our popular "Top Dogs" set in vintage stitch. These adorable sets were made for all of the dog lovers out there. Top Dogs sets are perfect for customizing blankets, bags, & clothes for your dog, or to celebrate your dog, you can’t go wrong! 2 sizes are included: 4x4 & 5x7

Dogs featured in Set 1
- Siberian Huskie
- Newfoundland
- Maltese
- Great Dane
- Golden Retriever
- Doberman
- Dalmatian
- Border Terrier
- Basset Hound

Top Dogs Vintage Set 2


Dogs featured in Set 2
- ShihTzu
- Rottweiler
- Labrador
- Greyhound
- German Shepherd
- Bulldog
- Boston Terrier
- Beagle
- Labradoodle

Top Dogs Vintage Set 3


Dogs featured in Set 3
- Yorkie
- Puggle
- Pug
- Poodle
- Mastiff
- Cocker Spaniel
- Dachshund
- Boxer
- Border Collie

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