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We have so many customer projects featuring different mehndi designs, each more gorgeous than the next.

So without further ado, here is the second installment in a 2-part blog series sharing different customer projects using our mehndi designs!

Mehndi Crosses & Ornate Applique Crosses

Mehndi Crosses

From Left to Right Customer Projects Shared By:

Pauline Jones, Colleen Wilson, & Kerryann Dallas

Mehndi Crosses features mehndi style crosses, while Ornate Applique Crosses has applique crosses surrounded by beautiful, ornate, mehndi design.

Here’s a word from Pauline, the customer who shared the project on the right with us.

Just wanted to share my Bible bag I made last night using your mendhi cross and Inspirational verse. Absolutely love your files. They always turn out perfectly. Off to church to give this to a special lady. ~ Pauline Jones

Mehndi Hearts Clothing

Mehndi Hearts - Clothes
From Left to Right, Customer Projects Shared By:

Lesley Tubbs, Deborah Fetherlin, & Dena Obert

Coming in 4 different sizes, Mehndi Hearts can add an accent to a jacket or make an adorable design for a t-shirt!

This design is sure to add a “WOW" factor to all of your projects.

More Mehndi Hearts


From Left to Right, Customer Projects Shared By:

Teresa Mahoney, Fermi Renta, & Joanna’s Creations

Here’s a word from Fermi, the customer who shared the center project with us

Absolutely LOVE the Mehndi Hearts!!! Thank you!!! ~ Fermi Renta

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