Hooded Towels are quickly becoming one of the most popular customer projects! We love seeing all the cute ways people are using our different Peeker sets to customize towels for their little ones.  We're excited to share with you some of our recent favorites! If you're feeling inspired to make your own towel but this if your first time, have no fear! Click here a for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a hooded towel. Plus, we even have a tutorial walking you through how to FOLD a hooded towel, just like all of the adorable ones in this blog post! Click here to watch that tutorial. Ok, now let's get into the project photos...

Hooded Towel by Jean

How amazing did Jean do with this hooded towel?? Would you believe it was her first time making a hooded towel? Us either! She used the adorable mermaid from our All The Critters Sketch 3 to accent this pretty pink towel. Great job, Jean! 🙂

Hooded Towel by Roberta

How adorable is this hooded towel that Roberta made?? She used the cute bunny with a bow from our Animal Peekers 5 set to complete the look. We love the colors she chose, so fun, vibrant, and perfect for summer! Great job, Roberta. 🙂

Hooded Towels by Louise

WOW!!! If you need some inspiration to make your own hooded towels, Louise is your lady! She used six of our "Peeker" sets to make these custom hooded towels! Who sees one that their kid would LOVE to have for themselves?? Designs used: Animal Peekers 1, Animal Peekers 5, Animal Peekers 6, Animal Peekers 7, Animal Peekers 8, and Fairytale Peekers.

Send us your Projects

We can't wait to see what you've been working on. If you have a recent project you are proud of, please send us a picture or two! To submit projects for our showcase, or if you have any questions, please email: [email protected].

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