We cannot begin to tell you all how happy it makes us to see our customers creating heartfelt gifts using our designs! We’ve seen so many wonderful gifts from our customers recently, so we decided to showcase a few projects that might give you some inspiration for your own gift projects. Take a peek at some of our recent favorites…

Fabric Bag by Debbie

This fabric bag Debbie created for her mother’s wheelchair is simply too precious! We love how she added one of the designs from our Fun Bicycle Rides 1 set onto the front of the bag. She decided to make this bag 9" x 11" and even added loops with a lobster clasp to hook onto the handlebars! This way, Debbie can attach the bag to the wheelchair handlebars or to her mother’s walker. We loved this so much, Debbie!

Bath Towels by Arden

This gift project warmed our hearts when we saw it! Arden decided to make a gift basket for a friend who lost all of her belongings in a house fire. She added bath towels to the basket and embroidered one of the designs from our Sketch Seasons Mason Jars set to hopefully bring her friend a little joy. We absolutely love the colors she chose to use for this design and we think it complements the rest of the towel perfectly. We hope your friend enjoys the gift basket, Arden!

Fabric Basket Handle & Cute Bear Softie by Angela

We couldn’t stop smiling when we saw this project from Angela! She created an adorable gift basket for a birthday gift using our new In The Hoop Fabric Basket Handle Straps. We love how she used flower accent ends for the Basket Handle Strap to match the floral fabric she used for the outside of the fabric basket. Plus, Angela even made a Cute Bear Softie to include in the basket! We love how the fabric she chose for the ears of the Cute Bear Softie matches the colors used throughout the rest of the project. Amazing job, Angela!

Send us your Projects

We can't wait to see what you've been working on. If you have a recent project you are proud of, please send us a picture or two! To submit projects for our showcase, or if you have any questions, please email: [email protected].

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