Hello Julie, I just have to tell you how much I LOVE the farmyard barn animals designs I bought from you. They are so cute and I am loving them. Thank you for providing such professional service and great reliable products. I will definitely add you to my favorite seller list. Take care,


Did I mention that you're my favorite digitizer? My whole family just loves your designs.

Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!!

Your Number One Fan,

Mindy =O)

I would also like to tell you how much I enjoy your designs and that I appreciate the way your website operates. I have so many of your designs and when placing my order today I wasn't sure if I already had some of the ones I had chosen. I love being able to click a button and find out which designs I've already purchased. Many sites don't offer that information. It's also great being able to instantly download my purchases and be able to use them immediately. Possibly what I appreciate most are these fantastic sales. Thanks so much.

Just to tell you that recent purchase of the nursery rhymes, ragdolls, farm animals , all in redwork and the critter alphabet are a delight to sew and see the quality digitizing.

I can't wait to put the blocks together for future great-grandchildren. I am very pleased with my purchase!



I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy your designs. One thing I especially like about your website is that you always give a link to see the exact size and stitch count of your designs. This factor, as well as the quality of your designs is what keeps me coming back. Oh, and the great specials you give to returning customers. Thank you again.


Hi Julie,

My name is Tiffany and I have been buying your designs for several years now and I have over 50 of your sets. I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I love them! I have been sewing them out with my Bernina 200 and they were always wonderful. I just upgraded to a Babylock BMP8 and now they sew out even better! I didn't think they could get any better, but they are!

I have a 5 year old little girl that is now wearing custom embroidered outfits all the time and I plan to create more for her to wear to Kindergarten in the fall and some extra special outfits for our Disney Cruise in Sept. (I'll try to send some pictures in when I get some taken)

Thank you for all the effort you put into each of your designs! I have never been disappointed with something I have purchased from you! The quality of your designs are better than cards that I have paid top $ for.

Thank you and have a great day!


Thank you so much for the cute designs. I think I just about have everyone you have done now.

The Pregnancy Crisis, Shriners Burn Hosp, and H2U at Mainland hospital in Galveston County are the recipients of the quilts I make for charity. Thank you for darling designs.

Thanks again for using your talent,


Thank you , juju I have told everybody i can think of in my all of my classes that i take and all of the girls that like cute designs. I love the way they sew out and there really great for my granddaughter. thank you so much. rhe'

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new applique design sets!! They are too cute!


I love your stuff! I used to get it on e-bay, but now I just get it straight from you. I wish you much success and I will continue to shop your web site.

Thanks Stephanie

The Fish is too cute and again, I must thank you for your generous donation the 50th Anniversary Issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery. Youir designs make me smile. I imagine they make lots of others smile too.

Thank You. Cheryl Houston, Tx.

You have some of the cutest designs out there!!!


Thank you so very much for helping me out tonight. I was able to sign in easily. I would like to add: I love your designs, your applique's are so adorable and always stitch out perfectly (the best on the net). I am saving up for your new sale. I have grandson's and your designs are perfect for them :-) Thank you for making them so affordable.


Hi Julie, thank you for this month's great special. I appreciate the wonderful sales you give us who love your designs. Have a good night and we love you. Your designs are so adorable. I tell everyone about them if they sew or not. God Bless you and your family.

Sincerely Sue

Thank you --your designs are great and who can resists great designs with a great sale!

Thank you for the adorable Noah's Ark design you've donated to the 50th Anniversary Issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery. I need to go check out your other designs. I like everything I've seen so far that you have done.

Cheryl Houston, Tx.


Just a thank you for your beautiful designs.


I love your new tea appliques and had to make another order :). I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your designs!!

I love the way your site is set up now. It is so easy to operate. Thanks for all of the great designs that you have now and all the ones to come. Linda

I love your embroidery designs. Just what I was looking for to use on grandkid's stuff!

I love all your designs and have learned how to do applique because of your instructions.


I loved how well your designs turned out. I'll be using them a lot. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful designs. Keep up the great work.

Thank you, Cindy

Your applique is the absolute best!! I really appreciate how you get all the fabric tacked down with one color before changing colors!

Thank you, Linda

I am a proud new member of your Yahoo Group. Your designs are the BEST I have found without even a question. Thank you. I am so excited to receive my files. I have so many ideas and projects I can complete now.

Thank you again and God Bless, Amy

Thank you for your great service. It is so nice that I can download right away and not have to wait for someone to send them to me. Ialso love the way I can look at the designs close up with the stitch counts. By the end of the day, after working, it is a relief not to have to squint and try to determine the details of your designs.

Thanks again. Debbie M

Hi Julie,

I wanted to share some photos of the backpack I made for our Granddaughter, Noelle. She just celebrated her First Birthday, and this will be for toting her various items on outings. I used the Itty Bitty Spring Fling designs, and truly enjoyed how beautifully they stitched out. The pattern I used for the pack is by Sewbaby - Tot Packs.

Thanks for all of your wonderful designs!

Eileen (picture is on our projects page..and it's adorable!)

Hello Julie Thanks so much for your prompt reply regarding loading my shopping cart. I so love your site and I have had endless enjoyment and compliments from friends and family after using your designs on my sewing projects. I am looking forward to using the designs I have just downloaded.

Kindest regards Maria

I love your work and recommend it to many who have new grandchildren. The designs are of such high quality and now I can brag (for you) about the customer service!

Dianne PA

This was my first attempt at applique and you instructions were very easy to follow and the designs sewed out perfectly! Thanks.



Thanks again for such whimsical, appealing, and easy-to-use designs. I'm thoroughly enjoying them!


Thank you so much for your great designs!!! Sarah


I just LOVE your website and all of your designs. I have told many friends about it and they are as impressed as I am. HOWEVER, there is one thing WRONG with your site and products.............



Thanks! I wanted to tell you I stitched out a Bears in the Garden design on a towel and it was beautiful. I am limited to a 4x4 hoop and it was so big - it really filled the whole available hoop space. I loved it and recommended you to a fellow embroiderer. I will be back for more!

Thanks, Sandy

Hi Julie,

I wanted to thank you for having your website setup so I could retrieve designs I had purchased almost a year ago. I had lost some of the designs and it was great to be able to open them again.

Thanks again for great designs and providing a great service.

Happy Customer, Jan

I must tell you that I absolutely love every one of your designs and wish that I could afford to buy them all!!! Thank you for being soooo talented!!


Your designs are always delightful and I appreciate your generosity and creativity. Stay well and have a glorious Easter. God Bless.


I have ordered many designs from you already and have a list going again. I love the jacobean designs.Your designs are the best I've seen by far. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You can tell you spend a lot of time on them. Have a blessed weekend.


Thank you for creating such adorable designs that stitched so flawlessly. They brought a lot of joy to my daughter and her husband and helped make my projects so much more memorable for them and hopefulll our newest little grandbaby.

Sew Sincerely, Sheriann D

I love your designs and have two new gran-nieces that these are perfect in addition of wall hangings and throws.

Rest assure that I will be purchasing more not just because of how lovely they are, but also due to your great customer service and willingness to work with the customer(s) when a technical event occurs.

Thank You! Barb Moran

Hi Julie, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate "my account" setting on your web site. I was not sure if I had ordered two of your designs or not. I have so many of yours and I hated to go thru all my files. I just went to my account and downloaded what I had purchased and it was very quick to find I didn't order the last two that I wanted. I will be ordering in the next few days.

Thanks again for the convenience of this choice. Much appreciated. Karen

Hi Julie, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate "my account" setting on your web site. I was not sure if I had ordered two of your designs or not. I have so many of yours and I hated to go thru all my files. I just went to my account and downloaded what I had purchased and it was very quick to find I didn't order the last two that I wanted. I will be ordering in the next few days.

I love your designs ,and am very impressed with the ones I already have . You have a wonderful day . Thank you Nancy


I have just downloaded the designs and can hardly wait to begin stitching them out--Oh, what fun!! Thank you so very much for your help and prompt courteous service!


Hi, what a great special.... I could not resist this, hope to be able to do more this month. If I keep it up I will have all of your designs. I would like to take this time to tell you I would reather stitch Designs by JuJu than any others I have. Thanks for all the hard work. I digitize myself so I know what is involved to get it right.

Thanks sooo much Carolyn W

Hi Julie I absolutely love your designs I just started my embroidery business and I am making quilts with your applique designs on them people love them as you can see so do I. I love telling people about your fun web site and your amazing talent. Thank you for making my business so successful and fun to do.

Thank You Lori

Hi! I just completed my second order with you. I really love your designs. I finished an adorable “car” jacket for my 18-month-old grandson. (zoom zoom is his new favorite word!!) Thanks loads.

Jane & Tom

I just wanted to say how adorable the designs are...and priced affordably!! Thanks!

I really love your work, (& I’ve bought a LOT of designs over the years.) I’m so excited to be expecting our first grandchild (boy) in July, so am looking forward to using many of your bright, beautiful pieces to decorate his clothes, accessories… everything! You master the rare art of appealing to ages from 8 mos to 88 years with the same joyful piece. Thank you and please keep going!

You bring many, many smiles & warmed hearts. Sue

I just discovered your website, in the back of my new DIME magazine. I have to tell you how impressed I am with your site.

I'm new to the machine embroidery world and one of the things I find most difficult is figuring out what threads were used in a designs so I can get the colors pretty close. You actually have a list of threads used in your designs, how helpful this is going to be. Also I love your information on organizing my embroidery designs. I have them scattered all over my computer and you should hear my husband fuss at me. Maybe now I'll finally get them organized so I can use them better.

Thanks for having such a wonderful website. Happy stitching Fran Big Spring, Texas

Dear JuJu:

I have long been a fan of your wonderful site. Your designs speak to me! They are old-fashioned enough to remind me of the handwork my grandmothers, mother and myself have done over the years. I am finally retired and able to take full advantage of them. I really appreciate your hard work and the detail you add to your work.

Please send me set No. DBJJ289 - Jacobean Flutters. I already have two of your Jacobean designs and will love putting these together on linens, my granddaughters outfits, and maybe even something for myself! (Good luck on that!!!)

Thanks again for your generosity.
Carolyn in rural south-central Texas

Dear JuJu:

You have soooooooo many cute designs! I can see them on so many cute things! There are several different sets that would make some cute quilts for kids! My children are grown and I have no grandchildren yet, but I want to get these designs and use for gifts for nieces, nephews, friends, charity, etc.

Thank you for your quick answer, Julie!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

I just found your web site and am so excited about the applique design packs that I have bought. I have a daughter who LOVES horses and I can't wait to use the new pony applique set. I stitched out my first "design by JuJu" - that of a mermaid applique. I wanted to let you know, it was WONDERFUL!!!! Every stitch was just right! Thank you ... I know my daughter's friend will love her mermaid shirt for her birthday!

I look forward to purchasing many more sets from you. I love appliques, so keep adding more of those!!!


Dear Julie,

I just found your web site and am so excited about the applique design packs that I have bought. I have a daughter who LOVES horses and I can't wait to use the new pony applique set. I stitched out my first "design by JuJu" - that of a mermaid applique. I wanted to let you know, it was WONDERFUL!!!! Every stitch was just right! Thank you ... I know my daughter's friend will love her mermaid shirt for her birthday!

I look forward to purchasing many more sets from you. I love appliques, so keep adding more of those!!!


Dear Julie,

Your designs are just too cute. They make up into such wonderful children's gifts. I seem to have to find children to make things for just to use your designs. The quilt was made for a great, great nephew. At the moment I'm working on 3 more and will use the sunbonnets for a little girl. I enjoy watching the appliqué's take shape in the hoop. I do enlarge most of them to fill in a 5 x 7 hoop when making quilts.

It is so much fun watching the reactions of adults as they view my nearly finished quilts on the design board. You probably design most of the embroideries for children but, trust me, they bring out the "kid" in all of us.

Thanks for sharing what other people do also. I am always inspired. There are so many creative ways to use your designs. Thank you for keeping my "GIVE THANKS" wall hanging on your projects page for such a long time. It was made about 3 years ago and it hangs in my entry way all of November. I also made a Christmas one but mixed a few other designs with it.

Keep up the good work. It helps to keep me sewing and off the streets. VBG.

Hugs, Laura

I just wanted to thank yo for your beautiful designs that i bought from you. I have made a king size quilt using all the Sun Bonnet designs. It turned out beautiful, since this was my first quilt. I also took photos as I went along. Thank you again

Your detail is terrific Julie. You definitely are one of the best on ebay..no doubt. Thats why I always buy from you! :) If you have time...feel free to look at my handmade items...your designs at work. :)(my favorite is the fairy applique overalls). Thanks again Julie & thank you for helping me make adorable outfits. I can't take all the credit! Laura

Thanks so much for the extra incentive to get me thinking about projects again! This one will please my grand daughter! Now I just have to find a cut outfit pattern to make to embroidery these on. I really liked the link to projects of your customers. There were some creative ideas! And what a fun way to get to see what others are doing for loved ones.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I recently bought several design sets from you in January with the special sell. This is the first time that I have purchased from you. The reason for this e mail is to let you know how wonderful your designs stitched out. I made my twin granddaughters outfits for their birthday (2 yrs.) and the designs were beautiful . Anyway I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your designs.


I was just looking at some embroidery on ebay, I seen your work and just got to tell you it is beautiful! I love your work. Thank you, and I hope to be buying some of your work soon.

I do love all your designs you do great work and I love your prices. Thank you,


I continued stitching out some of the designs in the sizes that I had late last night. Your designs are the neatest and most professional looking of all I have ordered. I'm not a business---I just embroider for fun and to make personalized gifts. I made my first attempt at appliqué with a 5 x 7 teddy bear from one of my sets, and I can't believe how good it looks. I'm really interested in the designs that can be used on baby items, because I just found out I'm going to be a grandmother.

Thank you so much for the designs and for your quick response.


have an idea for a new line for your designs.Exterme caution this site is very additive! so AWESOME will back for them all!!i love them you do a wonderful and ur website is the best, so glad there are people in this like you! thank you live life to it fullest!(stitch)


I just want to let you know the designs I bought are terrific. Thank you for letting me join your site and offering free designs in such terrific quality .My grandchildren think I am wonderful so thanks again for everything. I hope to continue visiting your site regularly! Have a wonderful day.


I just went through the new projects and saw my baby "things"....how exciting!!! I don't know if you have the greatest embroiderers that send you pics or if it is just the great designs that seem to be trouble free to sew out but there sure are some beautiful ideas in the projects section! I keep going through them, thinking "oh...that's my favorite....no...THAT'S my favorite!" Actually, I do think my favorite is the two little Christmas dresses made by Lynn...how gorgeous! Thank you for including me!


I am in love with all of your designs. I just wish I didn't have to sleep and I could get so much more done!

Have a great day! Thanks, Cynthia

I am so much in love with your applique that I had to order more lol, In fact $80 worth my hubby is going to hit the roof but I don't care I love your designs.

Thanks so much for doing such wonderful digitizing, as far as I am concerned you are the BEST ONE out there. (didn't mean to shout, but wanted to tell if from my rooftop) lol.

Have a great day and thanks,

God Bless Patricia

I have purchase about 25 design sets from you and they are absolutely fabulous. Love them!


I really love the website and whoever did it did a fantastic job. So NICE!!!!

Thanks so much for all you do. You alone keep me busy.


I love using your designs, they sitch out so well and the grandchildren love it when I make them something new using one of your designs. You put alot of smiles on children (and adult) faces. Keep up the GREAT work.

Thank you very much....

i just have to let you know that i LOVE your designs!! they stitch out PERFECTLY !! keep new design sets coming and i will keep buying!!

blessings, rebecca

Thank you and I can't wait to start sewing out these desings. I am new to your site and absolutely love what I see! Thanks,


I am in Love with all your designs, and what a great deal. Thanks a lot!

Evelyn P.

I just love your designs. Thanks so much for your creativity!!


Your designs are so wonderful!! Such perfection. Don't know how you do it! You have a special talent!

Blessings, Sue

Julie - Thanks for the designs, I absolutely love your designs, I have been looking for redword nursery rhymes and was so excited to find these! I also really really really love the pirate and the fireman designs, I have put you on my favorite list and cant wait for someone to have a baby boy so that I purchase one of those 2! Thanks again


Hello to you and a Happy New Year - I have a devoted group of Moms who love the gifts they get from me for their little ones - " I can't believe you made this!" - is a frequent response. Being of sound moral character, I give you absolute credit for the beautiful designs - and Janome for making a machine I can work! Again - thanks for your wonderful visions come true. Could you please add JACOBEAN FLUTTERS -

Bye - Eileen

I love your designs - they are such fun to sew out and so adorable. I made some of the gingerbreads at Christmas and the shirts were just the cutest.

Thank you for your designs and for your generous bonus offers.


Thank you so much. I love your designs. When I use your designs, people can't stop saying how cute they are.


Thank you so much for your continued adorable designs! Sincerely,


I love your designs , they are very pretty designs and detailed . I can't wait to stitch some of them out

Thanks, Tona

I am excited to get these stitched out, I think they will be really cute!! I have had trouble downloading 2 sets but love the fact that I can go back in and re-download them!! THANKS YOU SO MUCH for allowing you customers to be able to do that. In my book that make your site a notch above all the others!!


I am in love with all of your designs, they are truely great.


Thank you so much for creating such great work!!! I just love your appliques. I think I now have almost all of you applique sets.

Thanks again!!!

I need to tell you how great your designs are. I don't need any other designs, but I need yours!!!!!!!!! The only time I ever bought designs was from your website, I think I have 5 sets, soon to be a few more once I spend my gift certificate and more. Keep up the good work.


Keep up the good work, I just love your designs!

Hugs, Dianne P in MS

The applique designs that a friend has stitched from your designs are beautifully stitched - the best I have seen - so I look forward to doing some myself.

Your Christina

I just wanted to let you know that I love your designs. I've never had any problems stitching them out. Some day I hope to figure out the whole digitizing thing and do as good of job as you do.

thanks alisha

I made pillowcases as a Christmas present for our friend's little boy, using your Pirate's designs. He absolutely loves them! They match the pirate decor in his room and they look like they were part of the sheet/comforter set on his bed. Thanks for your excellent designs.


Thanks for your help. I just finished embroidering a ladybug--turned out cute! Thanks again. I love your web site--I look at it all the time.


I love your designs, and thank you for posting the picture of the denim bag I made. There are some lovely projects to view, providing inspiration. It's just thrilling to one's own work on the web. Wow.

Best Wishes, Viv

You are so appreciated and I just love your designs. I am in Florida for 2 months and brought my machine so I can do more designs. I love yours on baby things. I donate preemie things to our county hospital and your designs are used the most.

Thanks so much....Carol

Just wanted to tell you that I'm a new embroiderer (have only had my machine since November) but I did a LOT of embroidery for Christmas. I love your specials and I love your designs. I used the Sunbonnet Sue days of the week for a Yankee swap and it was a huge success. Also Ginger in the kitchen which looked great on tea towels. For variety I tried some designs that I had downloaded for free -now I know why they were free. I know I won't be explaining it correctly but the jump stitiches went every which way and were a mess. Brings new credence to the old expression - you get what you pay for. When I first started looking for designs, soemone recommended your site and I'm glad that they did; every design that I have stictched of yours has been great!

GinniyT Quilting (and embroidering) in Bridgewater, MA

Hi Julie,
I wrote you last evening telling you how nice your web site looks and I failed to praise you on your superb designs. I have stitched several out and they are super quality!

Thank you,

I just have to tell you, I made the cutest apron for a Christmas gift and stitched out your ginger cookie design (a free download from somewhere). I couldn't remember who the design came from, but I'm thrilled to find the entire set. :) That was the best stitch out on the apron! I can't wait to try out the new designs.

Thanks, Kathy

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website. It is so easy to use and your designs are the best. The monthly specials are great since they let me get even more designs. Thank you so much for such and awesome place for embroidery. Happy Holidays!


Thanks for making the shopping on your site so delightful.


Hi, I had to go through all of my embroidery designs so I could find where I bought my two christmas villages. I just want to tell you how nice they look. You have great designs the two villages are the first that I have bought from you but not the last!!! they stitched out great and my tree skirt is very nice. I just wanted to let you know how much your work is liked.

Thank you sharon

Thank you so much for making my first experience with you so quick and EASY! I personally always worry about how hard it will be to download designs, etc. and this was a very simple process. I'm getting ready to stitch my first design now and have already joined your Yahoo group. Thank you so much for a pleasurable experience. I will be back!


Dear Julie,

Thank you for responding to my inquiry personally. I am more than satisfied with your designs and also with your companies service. Thank you again for your help, it is greatly appreciated here.

Have Happy Holidays and my God bless you,

Greetings from Germany, Angela

Hi there, Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with my order. I have successfully downloaded all the designs to my computer and can't wait to start to stitch them out on my embroidery machine! I did a couple last night from my initial order and I am absolutely delighted with them. I am really looking forward to working through all your lovely designs. You run a very efficient business and I wish you all the best for the future


Wow! Talk about great customer service. Thank you for your quick reply..... Thank you--I appreciate you and the lovely designs you create!

Katie Johnson

I don’t know if I have a good link but just to let you know I really like your embroideries. I bought some of yours and I like the style of baby face or expression etc.
Good job.

Lise from Québec Canada.

A while back my wife and I purchased several applique design packs from you. She has been doing machine embroidery for about 5 years and has purchased from many places. I wanted you to know that she has never been so happy with applique designs as yours. Your designs stitch out so well and she feels she got her moneys worth. We have told our friends about your site and I have been telling relatives to purchase her a gift certificate from your site.


I didn't even thank you for such a wonderful sale on your designs. I appreciate your sales more than you know. I have always been a stay-at-home mom, and my youngest is in college, and my husband retired, so my "fun funds" are very limited until we get our youngest out of college. And he is having so much fun he just might make a career of it! I do love your designs. They are all just delightful.

Thanks again for your help. I will be sure to tell my friends how helpful you are. It is so nice to order from a designer who wants to help rather than one who doesn't want to be bothered after the sale because she is "too busy". If I get my jacket made using your Tropical Santa, I will send you a picture.


I sincerely appreciate your prompt response and your WONDERFUL designs! I've only done a few things so far, but people have raved about how cute they are, and the more familiar I become with your collections, the more I notice them out there on other outfits people have had made for their kids. A lady at church last week had your turkey on an outfit for her little boy at our Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone had a fit over it! Your stuff is too cute...

Thanks again, Courtney


Thanks, your customer service always amazes me….it is a pleasure to buy your quality designs!


Your site is my favorite, hands down. No contest. =O) I have kids from 3 to 17, so the hardest thing is just making sure that I'm evenly spreading the joy.

Thanks so much!!


Your site is my favorite, hands down. No contest. =O) I have kids from 3 to 17, so the hardest thing is just making sure that I'm evenly spreading the joy.

Thank you so much for being so very fast!! I got a quilt order for a baby pirate quilt and I was unable to find any child-type pirate fabric! You are a lifesaver!! Thanks Again!!


Did sew the airplane out and I love the way you guys digitize them. I have done applique before that didnt do such a good border around the fabric and it came undone. I LOVE the way your does. I will be buying more sets!

thanks jen

My name is Pat , I have purchased sets from you. I have something to say. I think that your workmanship is superb much more so than any other digitizer I know.

I also want to thank you for such cute designs. I love appliqué and the more I can find the better and I hope you will continue to digitize appliquéd. Thank you so much for all you do. I love your work!

A dedicated and true believer of designs by juju.

Thank you so much again, Pat

Hi Julie,

I also want to thank you for such cute designs. I love appliqué and the more I can find the better and I hope you will continue to digitize appliquéd. Thank you so much for all you do. I love your work!

I just wanted to say how nice the new setup on your site for downloading designs is. I really am so pleased that it is possible to redownload sets I have purchased. I recently purchased a program that removes unwanted formats but it did more than that. Fortunately before I did it I had made a backup copy of all my designs. I have had to go back and check what was removed and replace them - which was very time consuming. It was more than just the unwanted formats that was removed. I was able to go to your site and double check all the sets I have purchased from you.

Thank you. Donna

Everything went well! I like the fact that you can sign in and view your past purchases. Sometimes I forget what I have! I love your designs. In fact about 98% of my designs are from you. You do wonderful work and I will definitely be buying again.

Thank you, Melissa

Julie, I had to e.m. to tell you how wonderful your new website look. It is very user friendly and I just love the project pages. It gave me lots of new ideas for my grandchildren. You did great job.


Hi Julie-

Just wanted you to know your new website is just wonderful.

I especially appreciate the past order records as I crashed my hard drive and suspected I hadn't recovered all my purchases from you. You graciously offered to look them up for me but I didn't want you to go to the trouble- now I can do that for myself!!

I have my own website and sew and design Children's wear and nursery bedding and LOVE using your designs! I will send some photos shortly but just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the web site changes. Your work is wonderful.

Thanks again and will be back for this months sale!

Hugs and happy stitches. Sandy

I got the designs. I really like your new web site, very easy to use. Thank you again! I know I will be back!! I have quite a collection of JuJu designs already and there is always room for more!! Thank you again,


I have to say--you have the most adorable designs I've seen anywhere! I've bought quite a few over the past few weeks (with your wonderful sale!).

Take care, Julie

WOW!!!!! I love your new home page. I have been wanting a "history" of my orders with you. Thank you for all the effort that goes into the work you do. Have a blessed week.

Sincerely, Jo

Ms. Julie,

Everything went very smooth. I really like the new site. It is very user friendly. By the way, I used the October special. I got the designs I really wanted and found a few more that I couldn't live without. Thanks for all the hard work you put into every design. I am always excited when you release new items. I can hardly wait to see what's next. ( I hope more applique designs.)

Thanks again. Many Hugs, Kristi

Ms. Julie,

Julie, the website is GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for a job well done! I was able to download a few sets I had deleted/lost by accident, and its fabulous that everything is there!!!! I'm so excited!

Hugs, Amy in AL

I love your designs. They are the best I have ever seen and worked with. Thank you again.

Thank you, Thank you! I love your designs and have purchased many of them. My customers love the designs on t-shirts. You and your designs are a blessing to me!

Thanks again! Whitney

I love your designs. They are the best I have ever seen and worked with. Thank you again.


I just wanted to write and tell you that I have many of your designs. I have been buying from you since I first started embroidering and bought from you on Ebay. I bought 2 of your sets tonight and just finished sewing out one of the designs. I have meant to write before, but just wanted to tell you that every time I embroidery one of your designs I am amazed at how perfect they turn out. I must say each design I have used of yours embroidered perfect and turned out great. You really must be commended on such fine work. Thanks


I am so glad to see you transitioning and adding designs that are not geared mostly to the younger children. As my grandchildren are getting older, they are preferring more spunky kind of designs. I have always enjoyed your site and have purchased several collections and am glad that your site is now starting to offer something for all ages. I really like the jacobean designs, applique sets and other design sets that are now available. Keep up the good work!


You are awesome! I tell all my sewing friends about how beautifully your designs sew out. I think that sometimes, in comparison, yours sew out better than some of the Singer and OE ones. I like that I can just send it to the sewing machine and know its going to come out exactly like the picture. I don't know how many big company ones I've bought that just look like crap when I'm all done. I really am glad I discovered your designs. I love them and use them on gift bags for people and I always get compliments! I will continue to use your company over and over.

Thanks, Bridget

Hi Julie, I have just sewn out sunbonnet sue (sewed her out on the front piece of a tote bag) – I had a spare half hour. The results are absolutely perfect. Thankyou so very much. I am so grateful – you have one very happy customer.

I specialize in collecting appliqué designs – I have loads – but whenever I need something to be reliable and absolutely accurate, I always use yours. They are brilliant.

Thank you again, Audrey

I recently purchased 23 of your designs (bought 5 and got 18) and I could not be more pleased with them. I am just finishing one of the cutest outfits for my six month old granddaughter. I have not completed the garment but all the appliques are in place and I used 3 of the Funky Buggy designs on the front and one in the center of the back and they just make me laugh they are so adorable. I love their squiggly antennas and googly eyes. The garment is a bubble and it is lime green. Appliques are in pinks, blues and yellows and some green. They were fun to do and I am so anxious to get on another applique project but must complete the rather boring job of doing the actual garment sewing right now. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and after all the searching I have done for designs, I can tell you that yours are absolutely the cutest for children's clothing.


I just wanted to tell you I love both of your North Pole Villages. Cutest one I have ever seen.


Thank you. Your recent patches designs are really nice. You can use them in so many ways. Thank you for your wonderful designs. I enjoy both your regular embroidery and also the applique designs.


Thank you again for the amazing designs!! You have a fantastic talent!


Thank you. I have several of your Designs by JuJu and enjoy the quality of your craftmanship. Thanks again for this nice bonus offer.


Ms. Julie, I also wanted to say that I love the Sun Bonnet applique alphabet. I had to have it. You always amaze me. May I request a set of you that I think others will like as well. An applique pirate set. I have your fill pirate set but I have fallen in love with doing appliques and would love to have a set. The same designs are fine with me.

Thank you and as always I look forward to see all the new wonderful designs you come up with.

Many hugs, Kristi

I love all the designs I've used from your site (yea, some almost twice) and always look forward to your messages when you come out with something new. I keep a running list of designs I find that I may want and I know that your Under The Sea is on it for a future purchase.

Again, thank you for being so understanding, accommodating and helpful. It is much appreciated, and blessings back to you and yours also!


Also, I just wanted to say how much I love your designs. I made a purchase from you earlier, Tropical Blast and Huggable Little Angels (I think it's the correct name) when I first purchased my embroidery machine. Last night was the first time I actually tried your designs out. I love it. Much prettier/neater stitching than the memory cards designed for the machine. I'm using the same threads, stabilizers and even burp cloths but your designs are wonderful. No blank spaces in the design. I wish I bought the Ultimate Box sooner.

Thanks again. Shelli

You did it again. !!! Your designs are addictive, for me anyways. I love the circus and will probably be getting this real soon. Also love the Christmas Village. Oh woe is me. To many lovely designs and not enough money!!!!!!

Again thank you for your lovely and adorable work.


I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful designs. I'm barely new at this embroidery stuff, but seeing all of the beautiful things to make just makes my older years so much fun. Thank you again.

Shirlie from NC

Hi Julie Thank you once again for great designs I just cant resist yours I don't know if Ill ever have time to sew them all out but have to have them I cant afford to buy a lot of designs sets but yours are so great like I said they are a have to have

Thanks so much Carol in Australia

I had done internet searches for machine embroidery designs that would be suitable for a baby girl and had not found anything like these of yours that I found through Ebay. They are cute, whimsical and just perfect for so many things I have in mind for my new and only baby granddaughter. I especially enjoyed seeing the projects that were made with your designs and am looking forward to creating several of them. You will definitely be hearing from me again.


I just finished a baby quilt using your appliqué patterns and I have to say they stitched out beautifully. Better than any others I have tried. Thanks so much!!


You have absolutely outdone yourself--AGAIN! totally W-O-W. talent, talent. love them!


Thank you for the best appliqué designs on the web!!

Thank you, Nancy

Dear Julie,

I'm very glad your sale is nearly at end because I realy overdid the shopping this month! Thank you very much for your lovely designs, especially the appliques. I've tried out quite a few and I want to assemble a cloth book for my granddaughter. I wanted to make one ever since her birth but your designs are really what I was looking for the whole time!

Keep up with your beautiful work and I hope you have as much fun designing them as we have in using them.

Kind regards, Lynette


Once again, you've outdone yourself! Not only have you produced THE most adorable alphabet in the "Cute Critters," but with the combination of the b1g2 offer as well as a customer appreciation bonus, you've made it completely impossible for me to resist!


I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work. I just love your designs. They sew so well and look so professional. Also, thank you for running the great sales that you do. I have told two of my friends about your work and great sales and they both purchased quite a bit from you this month. I really appreciate how you try to make reasonable for us to do our craft.

Keep up the wonderful job!


Hi, I have bought many of your sets now and have recently been making a baby’s quilt (not yet finished) and used your appliqué designs for alternate blocks. The animals were from set no. 258.

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with them. They sew out absolutely brilliantly – very, very professional finish.

I buy a lot of designs and am often disappointed. I’m afraid if I am really disappointed, I complain – often to no avail, but I also like to congratulate those people who sell me brilliant designs that I will use over & over again. Yours fall into this category. I am so happy with them. Thank you so much.

One very happy customer. Kind regards Audrey

Wow! These are absolutely amazing. WOW! I have no words to explain. I am a baby nursery designer. I create baby and kids bedding and accesorries. I would love to use your design in my comming Fall collection. My website is currently under constraction and we are hoping to launch it in Fall. I would love to give you credit, so please tell me what I should put? Maybe, Embroidery designs created by... or original embroidery designs by... I myself want to have only best of the best and you are it. Thank you for providing such an amazing designs. PERFECT.


Dear Julie, First of all, let me say that I love your designs! They are beautiful, and simply perfect for my budding embroidery business. I just discovered them about a week ago and immediately took advantage of the buy 2 get 5 free.

Then I received your newsletter with the customer appreciation bonus. What a great gift! I had to take advantage of that one, so I ordered some more designs today.

Thanks so much for the great service that you provide. I was very excited to discover your website!


Dear "Juju",...Your designs are a very special thing to me..I downloaded the Gingerbread alphabet you sent to me in the last week or so..For these I want to say thank you..and Kathy (a friend) is a sweet person trying to raise my interest in doing the embroidery.everyday she writes me and ask's.did you sew or embroider today..I reply..I am getting closer..it seems that it is hard to do anything with one hand not responding.but I am trying hard to overcome all these things..I want to say thank you again for your designs..and please keep doing them.as I am enjoying the sets as they are coming out..I love the new ones...Shirley

Shirly is just a dear, dear woman. Thanks for your special emails!

Thank you so very much for all the specials you run and for your bonuses. But most of all, thank you for making so many incredible sets! I have more than 25 of them and I have been so very happy with each one that I’ve worked with. My little girls look so cute in shirts and dresses with your designs stitched on them.

Thanks again! Daphne

Wanted to tell you the applique Belles was the ultimate in embroidery, got them and love them to death!


I bought the above set a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to tell you they were a big hit. The company I work for buys fleece blankets when one of the employees has a baby and I then take these blankets and put the baby’s first and last initial and a design on these blankets. I did 2 blankets this weekend using your sunbonnet appliqué designs and everyone at work loved them.

Just want to say thank you and keep up the good work. God Bless You


I also wanted to let you know how awesome your tea designs are that I bought a few weeks ago. They are fabulous!!!!!! thank you sooo much!

blessings, Annette

Hi JuJu, I have to tell you, you have the most beautiful designs, I just love them all, i wish I could buy them all...

thanks ella

I've had so much fun stitching out the designs from Down by the Bay on towels as I'm redoing my bathroom in a lighthouse theme. I love the challenge of finding just the right fabric for the applique. For example, the one with the pelican with the fish in his mouth, I used a fabric with an underwater scene and then with the fishes stitched on top it looked really dimensional.

Keep up the great work. Oh, don't forget to give some frog appliques some thought!

Hugs, Pat

Thank you so much for the appliqué farm animals. They are darling. I can’t wait to use them. I get so many compliments on my things which have your designs. I always mention your name. They are my favorite. Thanks again for all your work and creativity.


I love your designs and always get rave reviews when I stitch them out.


I must tell you I love your designs. I always know they will stitch out easily and perfectly. I have more of your designs than any other individual designer. The only one I have more of from is embroidery library.

Thank You, Cheryl Schuster

Hi Julie, Just had to email you and tell you how pleased I am with my purchase from you, I went mad and bought lots of sets. I have just started stitching out the Sunbonnet Sue through the year and they are lovely. I can't wait to do them all then I shall make them into a quilt for myself. I have bought lots of children type designs as I have lots of babies to stitch for this year, my sons friends wife had just had triplets!!

Look forward to buying from you in the future, I will certainly recommend you to my friends. I live in England and we don't have many sites here where we can buy designs. Its great been able to download direct, it saves me a lot of money on postage and duty etc.

Best wishes, Maureen

I can't tell you how much I love the barnyard designs!!! I have been searching long and hard for designs just like that for awhile now!!

Thanks, Linda

In regards to the free designs we regularly upload to our yahoo group: Thank you Julie for ALL of your lovely gifts. So appreciate all your hard work.

blessings. Sheri in Washington state

You keep coming up with the CUTEST designs!!! I can't help buying them even though I don't know when or how I will use them.


By the way thank you for the farm set. I love it and my Kristin just said "Cool!!!" She learned that word from her big sister, Julia. So we are going to be busy putting it on everything. I love your designs and hope to eventually have all of them. My girls like them too. People are always asking me where did I get their clothes and stuff I have made for them using your designs.

Thanks for all the love you put into your designs. It really shows!

Hugs from Loyal Design By JuJu Fan and Customer, Kristi

5-25-07 Many thanks Julie, your disk arrived here in my home town in South Australia today... after an order confirmed on the 15th of this month.Thank you for you quick response to my order. I will not hesitate in ordering from you again in the future. I have always been wary of ordering from overseas but have no longer that fear with your prompt response. I am eager to get embroidering with your designs on my grand-daughter and her little friend's winter clothing.

Once again many thanks. kind regards Heather in Australia

Thank you so very much. I just love your designs. They are perfect to put on objects for my grandchildren!


Hi, I just wanted to let you know how cute your designs are. I always love everything I get from you, they stitch out soooooo nice and look really good on everything I make. Keep up the great work.

Thanks, Julie

Julie .... once again I just love your designs .... I make baby quilts for every little one that comes along in my church and town, and I use your patterns for most of them .... they are just too cute!


I have written you before to tell you how much I just LOVE your stuff and use exclusively your designs on my line of childrens clothes.... Thanks for all your great work. I just had a suggestion for farm animal appliques (cows, horse, etc) if you ever run out of ideas! hehe I would love to have those for my boys shortall and longalls, but have never seen them in your collection. Let me know if you ever decide to go that direction, I will immediately buy them.

Thanks! Brandi

I want to tell you how much I LOVE the applique Sunbonnet Belles -- I have stitched up five of the designs so far and want to stitch out enough to make a quilt. I've shown a few people the designs stitched out and they've all been quite impressed!

Thank you and have a wonderful day / weekend! Patti

I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE your designs, especially your appliqué. I will buy whenever I have extra pin money to spend or when you offer such a great deal (such as this is) that I just can't pass up. Keep up the great work!

Regards, Thurma

Your designs are wonderful! As a new aunt, I don't know which one to do first!! My niece will be the best dressed well through her toddler years!!!

Thanks, Patricia

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I love your stuff and that I have ordered from you before. Anyway keep up the great work, I love it.


Your designs are the BEST!!! and your customer service is OUTSTANDING!!!

Thanks so much, Janet

I have started a business making children's clothing and I absolutely love your designs!! I use them on everything. I am working on a web page of my outfits and I was wondering if I could put a link to your website. I will attach some pictures of my outfits. And like I said you do amazing work!

Thank you! Melissa

Julie, Thank you for sending my free designs. It was nice to do bussiness with you, I was so happy to be treated well, and appreicate your prompt response. I love your design and service I well be back to shop your site again.

Thanks again, Sarah

I recently purchased some of your designs and WOW do I love them!!!! They are wonderful and stitch out so beautifully. I will definitely tell others about your site.

Thank you, Winona

I think your designs are so special. I have a new niece and I'm looking forward to using your designs to make her a quilt and I want to do some monogrammed towels for some friends of mine with your fonts. They are really pretty!

Thank you, Carol W

Julie, I love your designs, they stitch out perfectly. Please consider designing some more for adults, more quilt patterns, etc. Thank you for the fantastic sales prices.

Thank you, Kathy R

Julie, what a blessing it is to see the verses that you have shared with the world. Thank you for your time. One verse that I continually share with people is Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray this for you today that it will bless you as it has me. God bless.

Thank you, Esther

I love your free scripture verses! I appreciate your sharing them with people. I am new to working on my Viking so this is awesome. I will make these for my grandbaby boys!

Thank you, Sharlene

I want to thank you so much for the free beautiful Bible verses. I am going to put them on a pillow case for a friend of mine. I will tell him that although it might not be the most comfortable to sleep on, he will wake up with scripture imprinted on his face. Thank you again, I look forward to seeing more new verses.

Thank you, Phyllis Wallace

I have ordered many designs from your company, and I wanted to take a minute to email you to say that I LOVE your site, staff and designs. A lot of the sites I order from is nowhere as easy as yours to maneuver thru and the downloads are always pain free! Thank you so much for doing what you do and how you do it! I recommend your site to all my embroidery friends! Thank you again!

Thank you, Yvonne Woodman

Just wanted to tell you that I love what you are doing with the Bible Verses. God Bless You and thank you for sharing.

Thank you, Tammy S

Thank you so much for the free Bible verses. Last year I made a Bible bag for my granddaughter’s class, using your Wee Worship designs, which are lovely. Now I have been asked to make one for this year’s class, and will use them again. My older granddaughter has also requested a bag, the problem is she says the designs are a bit young for her, would it be possible sometime in the future for you to design a set for the 8 to 12 age group. I will get away with it this year by putting a verse on her bag. I have searched the net and there only seems to be designs suitable for adults. Thank you so much for the wonderful website.

Rina M

I love the bible verses there beautiful. Thank you very much; I will get a lot of use out of them. God bless you wish more people had as big of heart as you. I love the digitizing on your designs there really beautiful.

Thanks, Linda Fair

Hi, thank you so much for your freebies. I stumbled across your website and fell in love. Again thanks.

Kathy S


Betty C

Julie, I want to tell you how grateful I am for those beautiful scripture verses you made available on you site. I have Lupus and am housebound a great deal. Last Christmas my husband purchased an embroidery machine for me. My goal was to make pillows for those who are sick or need encouragement. I was unable to really find the verses I wanted until today. Thank you so much for blessing me with the opportunity to make beautiful things that have the Bible verses you so generously provided. For each one I send I will ask God to direct the blessing right back to you. I will also be a faithful customer and always check your web site first for other designs I need. Thank you very much for your kindness.


Love the bible verses. Have been making totes for baptisms, confirmation and Easter. Thanks again. Love them!

Denise G

I love your designs and I thank you for all of them. Many blessings to you


Just love your designs. Made a quilt with the roly poly elephants. Just love them. Thanks for your talent.

Marilyn B

Dear Julie, Thank you for offering the bible verses to everyone for free. I loved looking through them and reading the scripture verses. They were comforting to me. You have been blessed with a talent of creating beautiful things and then sharing your faith in this way. Thank you for using your gift to pass along the gospel. I will look forward to more verses and other patterns since my daughter and I are learning this new craft.

Sabrina J

My 2 year old grandson has reaped everything I have purchased from you! Thanks again, you brighten our emails!


I just need to take a moment to let you and your staff know how much I truly appreciate your designs! I already have more than I can use but just knowing I have them gives me the satisfaction of being a seamstress that can meet the needs of others when asked to create something cute & pretty. I will send pictures when I can so you can see what I've done with your designs. I sew for people and it's a joy for me to make something for them. I really appreciate the "no expiration" on your designs. Recently, I had broken a disk drive and it was such a relief being able to go back to your site and download my purchased designs. Thank you so much for that. I love being able to print off the designs and placing the copies into my three-ring binder for reference to show the people I sew for when choosing designs and fonts. You guys just go above and beyond the call of duty in the embroidery/applique field! Thank you again and I look forward to seeing new designs every day and of course...let's not forget...those AMAZING sales you put on for us!! God bless each and every one of you!

Becky Howard Ayer

Thank you very much for your support. I didn’t click the apply coupon button. You have won me over with your support and fast response and I will continue to be a customer of Designs by Juju.


Thank you for all you do, your wonderful designs, creativity and your kindness in being so generous. The LORD Himself will open the windows of heaven to rain down His blessings on you. Many talk but few walk it out. Thank you for being a living example of what we should be. I tell my teen class all the time that others are watching you 24/7 to see if you are what you claim to be and that how you live truly affect others in how they see Christ and the Christian faith/church. Just wish we could get everyone who professes to be a Christian to see this, then maybe more would be as kind, meticulous in their work, and helpful. Again, thank you so much for everything that you do for all of us. We really do appreciate it. God bless you and yours. Walking with Christ.

Rita in TN

Thank you SO much for the giving out the scripture verses! May God bless you for doing that.


I just finished embroidering your Preppy Monogram on a hand towel and want to tell you how much I love the design. Great job!!

Thank you. Diane L

I just finished embroidering your Preppy Monogram on a hand towel and want to tell you how much I love the design. Great job!!

Thank you. Diane L

Good morning – thank you for fixing my problem. I have to compliment you on your wonderful designs – they are exciting to sew – changing color fabrics make them individual – and no two are the same. Have been unable to sew for 6 months with a thumb problem, now I am out of restraints I am proceeding full steam ahead. The enjoyment never ends. Thank you once again.

Hilda Jones

I have bought several designs from Designsbyjuju.com! I love the way they stitch out -- HIGH QUALITY! However, I think my favorite has got to the be new Embossed Preppy Monogram! I am in love, love, LOVE with that Monogram! It looks awesome no matter what it is stitched on or what color combo it is put in! Thank you so much for offering that design!

Charlotte "Sew Chicky"

Thank you for the wonderful digitized bible verses. I use them often & they help me to make wonderful gifts for my friends and family when I add them to towels and the like.

Rita W

I have bought fonts from you recently and I am very happy with them. Loving them!


Julie, I have purchased a few of your designs and as always enjoy visiting your page for updates. Your Bible quotes caught my eye today and I am thrilled you have taken up the challenge to put these to embroidery. I have made a quilt for my best friend with all friendship sayings.

Donna S

Just wanted to say...I love, love LOVE your patterns! I have bought well over half of them! And, I'm enjoying the machine give away post! I started something there when I said it was on my birthday! LOTS of September babies! Keep up the GREAT work!

Vicky Curren

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