Terms of Use

Thank you so much for your interest in Designs by JuJu! Please take a moment to read our TERMS OF USE.

Designs by JuJu® Terms of Use

Last update 1/1/2024


You must have an embroidery machine in order to use these designs. These are digital files and not a finished product. Our designs may NOT be purchased and brought to someone else to put on a product. They are licensed ONLY to the purchaser of the designs. If you would like something stitched onto a product, please have the person doing the embroidery purchase the files. Our designs come in the following formats only:  ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS (4x4 size only), PES, SEW (4x4 size only), VIP, VP3, AND XXX. We do NOT provide any other design formats.

We will not forward purchased designs to any email address other than the one used to purchase the designs.

Design Sharing Policies

Our digitized embroidery designs, either purchased or free, MAY NOT be sold, traded, shared, given away, or included in any design set.  This includes purchasing with the intent to copy and share with your family or friends.  You may not use ANY portion of our design or our exclusive artwork as a basis to create a new design and call it your own. Julie Hesketh Trieb of Designs by JuJu LLC ®

creates all the design patterns. Many hours have gone into these patterns to bring you unique, high-quality designs at extremely affordable prices. Please respect our work.

You may NOT get together with your friend or relative to "go in on" designs or make a purchase together to achieve a tiered discount price. This is sharing and is strictly prohibited within our terms of use. We work hard to keep our prices extremely low to make our designs affordable to everyone. Please purchase your own design set. See below for business use.

Please note that we will not respond to emails with order issues in which two parties split the purchase with the intent of sharing designs.

We reserve the right to immediately and without notice terminate repeat and future downloading abilities to any account holder who is known to be sharing designs. ALL design downloads will be terminated. Our designs are available for instant download upon purchase. We are not required to provide indefinite and unlimited downloads. We do so for convenience. Therefore, those violating our terms of use will lose those abilities.

You may not alter designs and call them your own or sell the altered designs. You may, of course, edit the designs for your own personal use.

By purchasing our designs, you are purchasing a LICENSE to use them. Only the actual purchaser of the designs holds this license. This license is NON-transferable. You may not at any time, pass the files to anyone else for any reason without the express written permission from Julie Hesketh Trieb at Designs by JuJu, LLC ®. The designs and all copyrights therein belong to Julie Hesketh Trieb and Designs by JuJu, LLC ®. and are protected under international copyright laws. Designs by JuJu ® is a registered trademark.


The following policy is new effective 1/1/2023

Class Licensing Rates: (4 person minimum)
Design Sets, Monograms and Alphabets - $5 each
Single Designs - $2 each
In The Hoop Designs - 50% off the base retail price each
A license is required per item, per person.

Teachers/ instructors who are purchasing the licenses for the class MUST have a DBJJ account. If you advertise the class online or on social media, you must credit Designs by JuJu for the design.

Please send the following information in an email to [email protected]:

1. Name of your company

2. Name and Email of the teacher/ instructor for the class (must match DBJJ account)

3. SKU of the product(s) requested (Please note we will not license some products for classes)

4. Date of the class


5. After we receive the items above, we will request a list of participants. All participants of the class must provide their Name and Email address for licensing purposes. Once we have the list of participants, we will send an invoice to the teacher/instructor. We must receive the completed list of participants and payment for the invoice at least 24 hrs before the date of the class.

6. After we have received payment, we will add the product(s) purchased to the account of the teacher/instructor if not already owned (the teacher/instructor only needs to purchase a new license for a product they don’t already own). The teacher/ instructor will be responsible for distributing the digital design to the class participants.

We will send a printable PDF that will serve as a physical license for participants who do not sign up for a DBJJ account. (Note: We encourage participants of any class to create a DBJJ account, but is not required for class participation. We can only provide customer service to those who have DBJJ accounts.)

If participants create a DBJJ account, we will add their licensed product(s) to their account for FREE. Accounts provide unlimited downloads, customer support and exclusive offers. The participant MUST create the account using the supplied name and email address for this to work.

Class participants who already have a DBJJ account simply need to email us after the class is complete and we will add the licensed product(s) to their account. We may ask to provide the PDF license distributed by the teacher/instructor as proof of purchase.

Thank you so much for your interest! We are excited to see what you create with our designs! Email us if you have any questions.


Please note that due to the digital nature of our products, it is not permissible to purchase our designs and give them to another individual, even as a gift. We do offer gift certificates for sale HERE. If you would like to give a gift from our website, please purchase a gift certificate for the recipient. Please follow the instructions on the purchase page and make sure to use the *recipient's* email address. You may see our gift certificate options HERE.


We encourage the use of our designs to be stitched on items you sell!  Our designs MAY be stitched on items to be sold as long as they are not mass-produced (i.e., hiring someone else to sew the designs or sewing them on a production line). As long as only the individual purchaser sews the designs, there is no limit to the number of times you may stitch them on items for sale. Designs used on items for sale must be purchased.  FREEBIES: You may NOT use our free designs on items for sale. You must purchase the designs if you are going to make a profit.

While you may stitch the designs on items to be sold, including iron-on applique patches, you may not claim to be the creator/designer of the designs themselves. Most of our designs are digitized from artwork purchased exclusively for Designs by JuJu. This policy is to protect our copyrights and that of our exclusive artists. Thank you so much for your understanding of and cooperation with this policy.

In the event of a joint business where there are two or more embroiderers, a license MUST be purchased for *each person*. Again, our designs are licensed ONLY to ONE individual. Each embroiderer must purchase their own copy. In the event of a business partnership, each individual must have purchased their own copies. This is no different than other commercial use terms such as "2 user license" "3 user license" etc. Thank you for complying with our terms.


If you have a website for your business or sell on Etsy or Facebook, or you offer your customers a choice of what they want to be stitched on the item you are making, then you are welcome to display our stitch out images provided you give credit to Designs by JuJu stating "These designs purchased from Designs by JuJu" and kindly link Designs by JuJu to our website www.designsbyjuju.com. If you do not wish to credit Designs by JuJu, then you MUST stitch out your own samples. You may NOT use our images without giving us proper credit.

If you have any items you've made with our designs, we would be THRILLED to display them on our projects page. If ever in doubt, we are just an email away and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email us at [email protected]

You may only use our design images if you have already purchased the designs. It is strictly forbidden and a violation of our copyright to use any of our images if you have not PURCHASED the designs


You may not share your login to our website with another individual. As a convenience to our customers, we have provided a venue for you to view all previous purchases and re-download your designs should you lose them or experience a computer crash. Please do not share your login or password with anyone. All downloads are tracked and monitored on a regular basis. If we find designs being downloaded to multiple computers of one account holder, downloading abilities will be suspended without notice and further rights to future downloads will be revoked.

It is highly recommended that you download your designs upon purchase. While we do provide unlimited downloads, please remember that we are selling digital machine embroidery designs and NOT a cloud storage service. Our unlimited downloads are for your convenience only and Designs by JuJu LLC reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Designs by JuJu LLC is NOT responsible  for lost designs if you have not downloaded them. Designs will remain available for download as long as the Designs by JuJu website exists.


Due to the digital nature of our designs and their ability to be downloaded instantly, refunds and exchanges are only offered if the product files are broken. We DO NOT offer exchange or refunds once the product has been downloaded. If you have difficulty downloading your designs, please send us an email and we will assist you promptly. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please re-send. Please note that we are closed on weekends and all major holidays. You can email us at [email protected].


All designs are tested for quality prior to release. If you are having stitching issues, please email us for support at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you. Designs by JuJu is not liable for items that may be harmed during a stitch out.  If you are stitching onto an expensive item it is highly recommended that you do a test stitch-out PRIOR to your main embroidery as results may vary depending on your fabric, stabilizing, hooping etc. Please contact us if you have any issues PRIOR to stitching on a purchased item. We do NOT provide reimbursement or compensation for damaged embroidery blanks including clothing, bags, towels etc. It is a common embroidery practice to do a test BEFORE stitching onto a purchased item.


Our designs are manually digitized for efficiency, stitch count, and sequence. ALL designs are tested prior to availability, and quality is guaranteed in the files and sizes that we provide.

We are UNABLE to guarantee a design that has been resized, edited. merged, or opened in software that may alter the settings of the design (i.e. software programs that color sort or change the Stitch sequence by default, remove overlaps, etc.) If embroidery editing software is used to open, edit, and export a design, it is important that you are proficient with the software. We are unable to provide support should a problem arise due to too many variables in all of the software programs.


Lastly, our designs are for machine embroidery purposes only. All designs, including the graphic images, used to create the designs are copyrighted. Graphics may not be used for purposes other than machine embroidery such as scrapbooking, silk-screen printing, vinyl designs, smocking, SVG files etc. You may not use the artwork/image of one of our designs to create a manual applique design.  You may not use ANY portion of our design or our exclusive artwork as a basis to create a new design and call it your own.  All artwork for exclusive use to Designs by JuJu is solely for the purpose of OUR machine embroidery designs.

You may NOT create derivative works with our artwork to sell, including SVG or cut files. You may NOT use our artwork or appliques as a basis for new designs. Our artwork is licensed exclusively to Designs by JuJu®  and is for *machine embroidery purposes only*

Thank you so much! Please enjoy the designs and HAPPY STITCHING!

Copyright 2024 Designs by JuJu®, LLC. All rights reserved.