heat transfer on wood

Heat transfers aren't just for fabric! You can print and press all sorts of things - like this wooden mason jar Halloween decoration. This tutorial will show go through the steps of how I made this one (but you can make one for any season, holiday, or occasion)!

Things you'll need:

• PNG design (like the DBJJ watercolor printables!)

• inkjet printer and heat press

• opaque heat transfer paper (I like 3G Jet Opaque)

wooden mason jar

small clay pot

• styrofoam

• small wooden dowel

• paint, chalk markers, string, pot filler, brushes, scissors - - this stuff is all up to you and how you'd like to design your decor

First you need to prepare the jar. You can leave it as naked wood or paint it to your liking. For this Halloween jar I painted it off-white and went around the edges with a light khaki paint. Then I used a silver chalk marker for the lid.

While that was drying, I painted the pot and dowel black, then threw a little accent paint on the top and bottom of the pot for fun. I wasn't very careful with my paint because I wanted it to look more