1. Browse the site by design category, technique, and theme. Select your designs by clicking on the add to basket button under the image of each design.

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designs by juju download 2

  1. A new screen indicates you have successfully added a design to your shopping basket. Repeat as desired!
  • Click continue shopping or the back button to go back to the design pages.
  • Click go to full cart to view your shopping cart.
  • Do not worry about duplications. If you have already added a design to your shopping basket, we’ll let you know.

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  • Rather buy a design at a later date? Click on the heart under the design listing and move it to your wish list. That way, you can easily find it the next time.

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  • In the very rare case that you want to delete a design (like if you added a design to the shopping cart by mistake), clicking on the orange garbage can will remove it from the shopping cart.
  • Coupon codes and promo codes offer additional savings throughout the year. Or, if someone wonderful gave you a designs by juju gift card, be sure to enter the gift card code.

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  1. When everything is satisfactory and you are ready to purchase the items in your cart, click proceed to checkout.

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  1. On the checkout page, make sure all of your information is correct before clicking on place order now.
    download 5
  1. You will be prompted to check your email account for a link to download your design files. Double click on the link to download your files.

download 6

  1. Unless you have changed it, most computers default downloaded files to the downloads folder on your hard drive. Go to the area where your computer downloads files and click on the main folder (downloads) to list all designs that have been downloaded there. Download files are zipped to compact them for transport over the Internet. Click on the folder just downloaded from designsbyjuju.comto select it, then click on extract all files to unzip it.

download 7

  1. Check if the default extract location is where you want to store your newly acquired designs. It is best to extract files to your desktop and then place them where you want to store them, or extract them directly to the folder where you are storing embroidery designs on your computer.If you want to extract your designs to another location, click browse and locate the place you want your new files to go.I have a folder on my hard drive (drive C) called embroidery designs. I created a folder under embroidery designs that is named designs by juju. That is where I place all of my files downloaded from designs by juju.com.

Get more specifics on organizing embroidery designs here. (future link)

download 8

  1. Click ok and the designs will unzip to a new folder under the folder where you chose for it to download.

download 9

  1. Depending on the design, files for several embroidery formats and hoop sizes are included in your download. Terms of use and instructions are provided in text files which should automatically open in Notepad (standard on most computers) when clicked.

download 10

  1. There are also images of the stitch files and color sequences. They may be in JPG format or in PDF form. Clicking on JPG files opens them automatically in Windows Photo Viewer. PDF files open with free Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it here.