Designs By JuJu writes about threading, specifically related to machine embroidery digital downloads and embroidery designs.

  • Using Variegated Threads in Applique

    Two-dimensional artwork like embroidery sometimes looks, well, flat. One way to show depth is to use variegated thread. Besides, it is really fun!

    Variegated threads are available in many color combinations. Depending on the manufacturer, color changes can be structured ( or random. Some variegated threads feature several different colors while others contain several tones of the same color. They are available in different weights, ranging from 12 (heavy) to 40 (normal), and types, like cotton, rayon, and polyester. Continue reading

  • Choosing Thread Colors for Applique

    Much like a paint palette, digitizers use certain thread libraries when creating embroidery designs. Some are chosen because of the thread brand. Others are chosen as a default in the digitizing program that created them. Either way, thread stitch out charts are not necessarily like paint-by-number boards; you may choose another color if it is more to your liking or matches your fabric better.

    Continue reading

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